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  1. Not been on for a while but has anyone been having issues with penalty shootouts? Just currently I am in one and it's 17-18 without anyone at all missing. Haha and as I posted my centre half missed knocked out 19-18 just ever so slightly unrealsistic me thinks.
  2. Does anyone else have a problem customising their OI page I can't seem to add columns they never drag along,it's pretty annoying.
  3. I started off unemployed with semi-professional experience, I got the Northampton job and then was sacked around 3 month later. I got the Stevenage job in the summer after relegation from league 1. I have then won league 2 and we're currently top of league 1 and in the J.Paint Final. I have recently signed a new contract which may explain it a little but I didn't think that would put off some championship clubs or at the least bigger league 1 clubs to offer me a job or at the least be in the running for the vacant position. It spoils my career game slightly as I always look to take the job from a higher league until I get to the top.
  4. Is everyone experiencing this problem? Just I might as well put my game on hold it's pointless playing my career game if I'm never going to get offered a job from a higher league.
  5. Is there still an issue with Job offers on 14.2.2? It's just I won league two with Stevenage and I'm now sitting top of league over halfway through yet I've had no offers for jobs not is my name ever linked with any free managerial posts.
  6. Not really a big issue and may have been mentioned already,but I've just had the physio running back across the pitch while the game was going on around him,rugby union style.
  7. I'm playing 6 nations with a medium database does this sound about right? Just I want as realistic career game as possible and I notice this also happens in my game.
  8. I've done both of them and I'm able to get into the squad screen! Is there anything I can do to prevent this happening again as I'm one year into hopefully a long career game? Thanks a lot for the help really appreciate it.
  9. In the squad screen page I customised the selection view so that I could see: Height Age Assists Mistakes leading to goal Match fitness Assistants opinion of player ability Determination In OI Pace Acceleration Jumping Heading First touch Bravery
  10. No,no custom skins all I changed were some preferences and customised the selection view in the squad and OI pages. My computer did restart for updates as i was playing but I've tried uploading an older save and the same thing still happened again. Thanks.
  11. Hi did anyone ever solve this problem? I've got the same issue now I've deleted the cache and preferences folders but now whenever I try to see my squad screen I get the message 'not well formed(invalid token) at line 1 of views-v1-fm-team-squad-views.xml ' Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Yeah but you need a goalkeeping coach as well so it's basically one coach and one AM for everything else,I normally have a specialised fitness coach too. Just been allowed an extra staff member so that helps!
  13. Ok cheers. Bit crap that 3 to cover both at a League 1 level club.
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