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  1. Thanks, so it's a brazilian problem.
  2. I'm the Manager of Duque de Caixas in Brazils First League. I tried to negotiate a new contract with my star player because his contracts expires. But he didn't think i can met his demands and i didn't had a chance to sign him again. Because of this i put him on the transfer list and Marseille made a bit. I accepted for a transfer at end of the season. Marseille accepted too. Time goes bye, the season was over, the contract ended but the player still plays at my team a year later without any contract. Everyday i got mails telling me the transfer can now be completed, but nothing happens. i can't offer him contract or fire him. Anyone had the same problem (in fact for my team it's good, because he plays for 14'000 $ - or maybe for free - with a Value about more than 20 Millions)?
  3. I have two suggestions: 1. Postpone Matches, when too many players are on international duty. Last Season i had to play 4 Matches with 15 Players on international duty, one of the matches was the Copa Libertadores final. 2. More different Names I play in Season 2027 and started to coach Atletico Mineiro. Out of my 23 players 15 have the names de Souza, da Silva or dos Santos.