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  1. Using the default database whenever i try to offer this player a new contract the game locks up. Has anyone else noticed this? Nothing as been changed in his details from the default database. Could someone try offering him a contract at the start of the game to see if they get the same issue? He plays for Bristol Rovers. Thanks.
  2. The tactic should suit Man Utd very well. Against all weaker sides use attack, against title rivals at home use balanced and away from home use defend.
  3. I'm currently in my second season using the tactic set. As i have a league two team in league 1 im finding that i need to use the Defend tactic most of the time. But the defend tactic is solid, just look at the league table and my mean defence. RIGHT CLICK VIEW IMAGE
  4. So guys its been a while been off playing battlefield 3. How are people finding the tactic? Any more feedback going?
  5. Furry muff. I play Bf3 as well. Great game. Excellent feedback thanks.
  6. Eh? I use match preperation high/very high until all three tactics are at accomplished, then i put it down to average/high until they are all fluid. Then very low.
  7. Not much feedback happeneing. Does no one use classic tactics anymore or is it just a case of 4-4-2 is not that popular anymore?
  8. Manager profile screen. Does anyone know 100% for sure what causes this to increase and or decrease. Ive googled and searched for this before but no one had a definitive answer and all those were just guesses.
  9. Hi Knap. How do you do your tactic tests? Is it just a case of applying the tactic and then going on holiday for the year? I'm thinking about doing something similiar for my own thread to raise its profile here.
  10. He probably has too high an interference level maybe coupled with a low business rating. FMRTE is your friend if you want better realism.
  11. Yeah i can see how that would be a problem. Yeah, i knew rovers rep as ive had a look at the editor. Didnt realise Charltons was that high. Still doesnt make proper sense though imo. The rep between the clubs isnt enough imo that it would justify a player taking a pay cut to play less.
  12. Id hazzard a guess that their reputation isnt too far ahead of mine. Probably only a few hundred points i reckon maybe a tad more.
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