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  1. I’ve got the 12.9 2018 and mine says the same. Think it’s a bug as works very quickly so wouldn’t worry too much
  2. Im getting a note 9 this week and its now a lot easier to use the samsung dex. For all those who are unaware of DEX, its Samsungs desktop experience, simply plug the phone into a monitor and it uses it as a desktop. So i assume the mobile version would work but i would want the touch version like the ipads, would this be implemented? DEX just uses the monitors refresh so would be fine from a size aspect, i guess the issue lies when the phone isnt plugged into a monitor.
  3. Thanks again RT One more quick one... you see the RW in the above pics, i thought he would be great MR, every att is great EXCEPT FLAIR (not sure how i missed it so badly!). How important is Flair to the winger, im guessing its part of his ability to beat a man? If he is 25 is to too late to put him on a seriously high training crash course on Flair?
  4. Ok so im going off the theory as having one Att duty in def but trying to think the best pick, LB or RB. The ML is a inside fwd type of role cutting in (att duty) and the MR is a Winger hugging touchline (support duty). Would it make more sense to have the LB as attacking to fill the space the LW cutting in creates? Add width to that side? Or better to have the RB attack behind the supporting RW?
  5. no lol... its the skinniest of skinny hey Guessing the play narrow, counter and ml cutting in doesnt help.
  6. My team comparison page if it helps give any guidance as to whether i can pull this off: General Def Mid Att
  7. Just played first game and wasnt really convincing though i scraped through 1-0 Looks really narrow in the centre! Having really a hard time getting two of my best players to play well. I thought they would be immense as a winger and a CF in a quick countering game but seems not so far Has run down right wing but rarely does! I want him to be uber winger beating players and whipping ball in on counter Getting rating of like avg 6.5...very poor
  8. Ive always played the high press, squeeze them out game as (Imo) its always had a better fit to the way the ME works. RT, how do you fit the IF into a ML/MR role, would he not be running into the space from the MC?
  9. Hmm food for thought there. Ive always struggled to get that gap between the FB and wider mids sorted. I wonder if i play a flat three with the two wider moving into channels whilst the centre mc drops back?
  10. Cheers for the reply RT, the contradictions focus is what I was looking for in particular. Ive tried to stand off more but for some reason I just seem to invite pressure all the time. My ST is a perfect Complete Forward (according to the atts anyway) so will sit him as a CF Support role is probably a better idea? Who is best suited to tackling more aggressively, I guess the aim is to keep solid and keep my shape so wouldnt want defenders and holding dm's to go diving in? Have the attacking players close down more with harder tackles possibly? Is the counter I seek more of a rigid approach where defenders will defend and attackers will attack? Thanks again
  11. Ive been tinkering around with my tactics so much of late i think I've ended up chasing my own tail too much and I've got a bit dizzy! Ive managed to take my Wolves team to the top of the prem with playing some fairly negative tactics that somehow got us over the line. The season after was pretty brutal and I kind of took my eye off the ball and got bored of the tactics i was using quite quickly. Ive been trying to create a certain style of play but Im finding it hard to explain, to combat that ive put together the attached mindjet that helps me vision what i need to achieve in a simplistic view. At the moment this is in the testing phase but im hoping someone can give me some pointers in the right direction (any settings here that are completely contradicting themselves: If someone cant be bothered to look at the attached but still wondering what im trying to achieve... How do i want to play? Contain, be solid Hold position until OP in our half Press hard Lightening quick breaks Pacey and Direct Break, like a coiled spring from defence to attack Defenders Defend, Attackers Attack One out and out winger -Hug Touchline -PPM - Runs Down Line Inside Forward -PPM - Cuts Inside DM Destroyer "the wall" -Strong -Recycles ball, quick pass off -PPM - plays simple balls Creative CM -Dictates Tempo -Gets forward but not to gung ho, want to sit back and pull strings -Attacking or Deep Lying PM?? All round CM -Gets Forward -PPM - Into OP area -Gets forward Often -Possibly a BBM -Part of the attacking 4 with the winger, IF and ST Explosive Striker -Plays off shoulders of DF -Always looking to make runs behind -Pacey runs at def -High Attacking mentality? -Low CF? -Adv Forward? Team Settings Counter Direct Passing Pressing Aggressive Rigid Zonal? Formation 4141 442 41221 Best for my style if i want a IF and WG with a DM 433 451 Shouts Clear Ball to flanks Pass into Space Exploit Flanks Run at Defence Must Have Player Stats High Stamina Teamwork Pace Passing Decisions OTB My holy grail is to create what I like to call the "Clam Approach"... so you push this thing down as hard as you can and it gets to a point where it springs open at twice the force thats been created on you. Draws the fish in then gobbles them up like tiny pond life
  12. Dudes, just dug out an oldish laptop that ive reloaded fm 13 on. Its an I7 2.4ghz but its only got 2gb (i stole the other mem for my other project). If i get some cheap 2gb then 4gb in totla should be fine ya? Bit skint at mo so extra 2gb was all i could afford. Ta
  13. On one hand FM have handed simple tactics on a plate but on the other hand they have completely overdosed on mind numbingly boring stat/training and all the other bits that supposed to add "realism". Must be horrific for any noob trying to get to grip with (i gave up after a month). I really tried to love 14 but a little part of my FM heart died with the new tactic (spoon fed) creator, i dont even know my ass from my elbow anymore and too many options feel like im contradicting everything i do. I gave up in the end, didnt see the fun in hours and hours of getting my head round it. Went back to 13 where i dont need a degree in number crunching.
  14. Any ME that includes the use of Sliders. Fm14 is horrible game now, played each release 12 months solid until next but this year is boring and confusing, all the fun is gone and there are far better games to enjoy and have fun with.
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