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  1. I’ve got the 12.9 2018 and mine says the same. Think it’s a bug as works very quickly so wouldn’t worry too much
  2. Im getting a note 9 this week and its now a lot easier to use the samsung dex. For all those who are unaware of DEX, its Samsungs desktop experience, simply plug the phone into a monitor and it uses it as a desktop. So i assume the mobile version would work but i would want the touch version like the ipads, would this be implemented? DEX just uses the monitors refresh so would be fine from a size aspect, i guess the issue lies when the phone isnt plugged into a monitor.
  3. FML will never return in the form it was, it was an epic fail if you look at it top down. This is for Asian market i think...
  4. Been interested in putting a similar tactic together after a few months away from FM13. Was really struggling for consistency with my Wolves save in Prem. Took some bits from what you had and put my own twist on it. Moved the MC into AMC and he on fire. First 3 games have been good but a little weird - 5 up first half (won 5-3), 4 up first half (won 4-2), 4 up first half (won 4-3). So absolutely brutalising teams in the first half but suffering second. Any ideas?
  5. IS there a way to increase tempo without using hassle and direct passing shouts? What i want is my team to up tempo but not hassle, man mark or go direct passing. Thanks
  6. Yay, box 4222 my favourite subject http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/334313-Going-against-the-Grain-a-journey-from-rage-quit-to-complete-satisfaction Hopefully will help. The key to playing free flowing football is getting the space right otherwise the DMs and MC all end up on top of each other and its a mess. From Lam: " Balance the team then tweak....... If you don't mind a question, why is your BPD behind your DLP? Wouldn't he be better served in the CDR position? Also.... in the spirit of 'always improving', have you thought about moving your MCL (AP) to the MCR position
  7. Never personally crossed paths with they guy but can see he was held in massively high regards in the forums.
  8. Tyler, im really dragging this one out hey! Have you tried target man at all? did if have any impact? I would try but im stuck at work!
  9. ok ta. I tried the AMC and ST combination and it seems good. 1-0 & 2-0 wins against good opp, my striker scored all 3 goals, 2 coming from robbing the DC and running through for one on one. Struggling to get my AMC into the game though. Seems to be a bit of a gap between him and the ST, what do you think lowering ST ment and highering AMC ment would do??? Thanks for your help
  10. Tyla, would v4 work with one amc and a st? What settings would u suggest for a complete forward and a very strong amc who has ppm of runs through middle? Cheers mate
  11. Would it be possible to implement this into FML? I think i will give it a go... Can someone post pictures of the team/individual instructions if possible?
  12. Ahh the mighty Oxford, I had some great seasons with them back in the days This tactic is doing ok with Luton in the Championship, im 15th but this is good considering how shabby my squad is! With a good set of players this tactic could be very affective
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