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  1. Yes I do but I took them all out of the folders and it was still getting stuck @Felix Wilkie
  2. Done all that checked all my graphics cards last night @Felix Wilkie
  3. Crash dump on start

    Hi I am now getting this. as I have cured my other problem I had which was not loading in windowed mode, got it back to full screen and now it keeps crash dumping, done, the graphics card, done, directX, done deleting folders and reveryfing cache, done everything in steam
  4. @Felix Wilkie yeah created new folder and all I am getting now is crash dumps, could it be a graphics issue as it loaded fine before without graphics, just done all the DirectX stuff now as well literally done everything you said and still can't get past that loading screen
  5. I have now done those steps it has cured the windowed mode and is back on full screen but is still stuck on the loading screen @Felix Wilkie
  6. no still not working @Felix Wilkie
  7. Hi there I seem to have an issue loading up FM17 in windowed as it won't go past the loading screen, how can i rectify this I have left an attached screenshot showing you my problem, how can i fix this many thanks
  8. I can't access the editor past the homepage

    It's fine I sorted it deleted it and re-installed it and its fine now
  9. I Keep getting the message no database available. Did not find any available databases to use to start a new game. Please ensure your installation isn't corrupted. Can anyone help thanks
  10. FM14: Tycoon Saves

    can you please upload the Yeovil one thanks
  11. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Hi im new to the forums and want to know how to play every league possible for every country so if anybody knows please can you reply to this thread and please tell me thanks MCPridz
  12. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Hi am new here but i buy all football manager games and i have seen people playing with lower teams than the game allows and i want to be able to do this so if anybody knows how to do it please can you help me by replying to this thread thanks MCPridz
  13. Hi I am new here but have bought all the football manager games and what i want to know is how do you get up all the leagues from all the countries as i have seen someione as sutton Utd and teams lower than them and i would like to be one of those low league teams if anyone knows please can you help me thanks