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  1. Hi Franky. Do you leave these things to the ass man generally or only while testing tactics? Thanks
  2. Motivation - 15 Determination - 15 Level of Discipline - 15 Would you use these settings for the basis for all coaches?
  3. I'm playing as crystal palace with a few good signings in January. I'm using the tactic Mr U Rosler that's shown on post number 299. I started using it late December first season coz I was struggling. So I gave it a try. These are the results in all comps:- Played = 25 Won = 15 (with wins against man utd, Chelsea, arsenal) Drawn = 7 Lost = 3 Scored = 38 con = 19 I think it's a very good tactic and it's been really consistent because I stuck with it and the flowing moves and goals were a joy to behold sometimes. I went from being 7th place to winning the league by 1 point from man city. I'm very impressed. Thanks mr rosler!!!
  4. How many games to you think I should give this and any other tactic? Do I need to train the players in the roles that are in the tactic?
  5. I'm gonna give this tactic 10 games and see how it does. I'm crystal palace in the first season. We have a good team but not much consistency. How important is it to train players in the roles that are in the tactic?
  6. Thanks for you quick response. I'm playing the PC version. When I started my game for the first time, I didn't see advanced settings so where is it? Thanks again
  7. Where do I find this option in the game? Also, can I change the database size mid-game? Thanks
  8. Hi. I wondered if anyone could help me. I want to buy a target man for my team. What are the attributes for that role and indeed for other roles? Thanks
  9. I was wondering if anyone had the latest transfer update for fm13. Thanks
  10. how do i download and get to the database editor through steam? Thanks
  11. I'm crystal palace and I've been playing with this tactic for about 15 games. I like the way it plays even though away from home it's a bit suspect. The main problem I have is, even though my midfielders score lots my striker never does. Whenever I watch the highlights, he's always behind the play. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks
  12. Hi metal. I'm crystal palace. I've noticed that it says in Dwight gayle cost only 475k but that's not right coz he cost 4.5m. Also his stats aren't great either
  13. Ok. So I assume I just put the file in 'extra data folder then?
  14. I've clicked on the link to download the tactic but I can't see where on the page to download it from. Can you help? Thanks
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