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  1. I was always under the impression that while the manager chooses a preffered penalty taker, the decision lies with the captain. So in that case I'd say it depends on the captain, and their idea of how confortable the game is.
  2. Bought the game in HMV last night, installed via disk so no STEAM nonsense, and played happily all last night. Now I'm trying to open it this morning and the game just isn't opening! I can't find any mention of it in my programs or anything, so I've gone to my computer and clicked on the disk drive, but nothings happening. Any advice?
  3. Problem with finances

    Entire fee up front. I've asked the board for extra cash and they said I'll be given some immediately so I'll see where that goes.
  4. Just started a new game with Sunderland, transfer budget £4million I checked in finances and % of transfer revenue made avaliable was 100% I've since spent £2million and sold players to the value of £6million, so, if my maths are correct, I should now have £8million, yes? But instead I have £2.98million, % OTRMA still says 100% I'm confused.
  5. Two Games At Once?

    If you mean managing two teams in the one "FM Universe", it can be done by adding a new manger. If you men have two totally different FM Universes running simultaniously, it would lead to lots of people getting mixed up between what' happening in what game, whule taking a long time to loa between. Pointless in my opinion.
  6. Why not? One of the only players in the current Celtic squad who shows any heart. He might not be the most technically brilliant but he'll fight till the death and can change a game, he's a great player to have on the bench for when yu'r team's lacking engery and desire.
  7. For the past few FMs I've played lower league games, but this year is the first time I've taken a job in Sweden. I'm about to go into my last game of the season - in September. The season doesn't re-start till April. My question to anyone who plays/has played these leagues... what do you do during the off season? I'm anticipating serious boredom mixed with heavy holidaying... or just resigning.
  8. Pre-season Friendlies

    I said no, but really this is only half true. If I've just joined a new team which I'm unfamiliar with, I'll manage them and try to find a tactic that works and which players can play in what positions. But if I know the players already then I just find it tiresome, and leave it to the ass man.
  9. I did read the fix list but there was no mention of it... I was told by a few people there was a bug which meant if you loaded serie b or lower then the game crashed on a certain date in the 2nd or 3rd season Because of this I never started a game with this league loaded so as to avoid the bug, please don't tell me it didn't exist in the first place
  10. Still no answer, is the buisness with the serie b bug fixed?
  11. But I have a patch question. Is the Serie B bug fixed? Where the game crashes if you load it?
  12. Make my game run faster? I want as much reality as possible, so while I want countries like Serbia, Israel, Slovakia, etc. active in the game, I don't necessarily plan on managing in these leagues. if it will make no/very little difference I'll try and run them playable, but I've just tried starting a game with all European leagues on playable, with medium database (I was fully aware my laptop would not be able to handle this, but I wanted to see how difficult it found it, to gauge how much of a jump I'll need to make when I buy a new one). Currently I'm sitting at "finding manager targets"... an that's about an hour of loading gone. Cheers in advance
  13. Football Manager 2009 trailer

    It's pretty poor in my opinion, the last line saves it from being a disaster cause "It's what I do" is a pretty awesome sum up of why we all put up with the frustrations, stresses and divorces FM causes. But still, last years advert was superb, really sent a shiver down the ol' spine, whereas this one is pretty ordinary. Maybe it'll be better in 20 second form but that was just a tad boring after a while.
  14. Proof that the gods of FM hate me

    I did the CL double over Chelsea with Celtic one year, Beat them 3-0 at Celtic Park and 3-1 at Stamford Bridge, despite them dominating both games and having LOADS of shots at goal. I can't remember the exact stats, but they have 20something in the Stamford Bridge game, while I had about 5/6, but there are reasons for it. Firstly, my keeper was excellent. Secondly, my defence were good, and played fairly deep, so they never got in behind me, and had to keep shotting from the edge of the area. Thirdly, my strikers were tall and quick, so the long ball to target man worked well. Basically, it was a combination of a good team and good tactics, plus that season Chelsea did finish 7in the EPL, so I wasn't playing them at their best, but I was still proud. Although they really should have altered their tactics for the second match, but I'm not complaining
  15. FM for the Over 60's!

    Know how board games always boats that they're "fun for everyone aged 8-80"? Well I always thought that was stupid, but now I have proof that FM actually can say that. Well, ok, there's been no 80 year olds posting, but just because they don't post doesn't mean they don't play. I'm only 16 so to imagine myself playing FM when I'm jbrowes age is kind of difficult... by that time we'll be on FM61 =O