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  1. When you've just realised you told your girlfriend she could come over tomorrow night because she's feeling a bit neglected, forgetting of course that tomorrow night is September 3rd! This is the same girlfriend who's made it through me swearing down the phone at my Shamrock Rovers' failure's and thinking I was swearing at her. Who's made it through my bebo quiz' claim that the only thing better than sex is Football Manager. Who's made it through countless cancellations of night out etc due to FM. Who's made it through me being in a bitch of a mood on more than one occasion due to losing. Who's made it through me telling her I was too tired and needed to go to bed, only for her to find me an hour later celebrating a 2-1 victory. I think I face a difficult conversation...
  2. When yu feel the need to bump someone else's thread cause yu like it so much =D p.s Neji, I would have bought a laptop rather than PSP with handheld because then you could have imported your save from home, carrying it on while abroad. I know it's more expensive but it's worth it for FM. Alternatively, you could upload your save game online, bought the game over there, go to an internet cafe, install the game and upload the save. Don't know if this would work but, WSM you know?
  3. When you spend half an hour looking for your stepdad's Golf trophy so you can pretend it's the Scottish Division 2 Championship trophy and parade it in front out your fans =)
  4. When every time your player gets injured in a match you shout at the other teams players telling them about how they can't handle your teams ability so have resorted to kicking them off the park.
  5. Did you really get a letter? The guy who got a reply from Steve Gibson when he applied for the 'Boro job is a legend (Altho' more so Gibson for his humour)! </div></BLOCKQUOTE> what happened with steve gibson ? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> http://homepages.nildram.co.uk/~kritip/managers%20job.htm
  6. To be honest, I just want every league. I'm greedy that way. And it annoys me to think that I can't have every league, but that my children will probably have every league in the world, and not have to worry about running speed when they load every league or load all players from every country, etc.
  7. Only if you have a hands free kit But seriously, FMing while talking to the girlfriend on the phone is a bad idea... Girlfriend : Can I borrow your english notes please? I've lost mine (At the same moment Cork City score against me to go 1-0 in Irish League Cup Final with 10 mins remaining) Me : OH **** OFF! Girlfriend : Fine! Leave it then! *Hangs up* Not so good.
  8. Yep, same - Personally I conduct the draws that my team is in, live, on BBC One and Sky Sports News. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I don't do the draws live, but do a roundup of the best fixtures later that dayu on Sky Soirts News, funnily enough my matches always turn out to be the most important It's actully got to the point now where i pick a "tie of the round" "mismatch of the round" (i.e biggest vs. smallest) and "most likely upset" Us lot sujre dpo need a life don't we
  9. I agree with more african leagues, and more south american leagues, if even just for morew players coming through from these regions without selecting "load all players from..." And lower Scotland, i know there are no official rules on promotion on division 3 but I think there's a lot of people who would like to manage at that level as it would add loads to career games. I'd love the J-league aswell, but apart from that and African leagues, I'd just be happy with lower divisions of current nations, and as much as I'd like lower England, I think it's already a bit unbalanced in terms of how low it goes in England compared to other coutries, so I think other countries have to be worked on before england is to be extended
  10. when yur sure man utd wouldn't have won the C. League in 1999 if it wasn't for alex ferguson explioting the corner cheat
  11. when you actually smile at seeing this thread revived When you're sorting through something or waiting for something and you repeat quitely to yourself, "processing"
  12. I do this, but a bit worse, if i'm playing in goals, save 8 shots, let in 2, i say to myself at the end "if this was FM, and I was a key player, it would say "he played well and didn't deserve to concede the goals he did""
  13. similar to this, when managing a club team, i would like the occasional offer to manage that country's (or my own country's) national under 21's side, or under 19's, or whatever just it's a lot more realistic than managing both senior teams
  14. when your currently on the internet trying to find out how much it would cost to invest in a newport county top...
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