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  1. Updates?

    Hi Is the project still alive? Version 3.5 was announced a few months ago and still no news. I'm really looking forward a battery consumption fix, this game is definitely a battery eater and hand warmer on the S2 P.s.: i have to report a small bug in translation in Italian. There's a message when the market opens that should say "The Italian teams can now buy players" but it got translated to the italian version of "The Italian teams cannot buy anymore players", the same message that appears at the CLOSING of the market. Minor, since you can still understand that it's opening and not closing, but just worth reporting.
  2. Battery drains really fast

    Hi Marc. Check these (short) videos: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/209433/video_mag_24_2012_0.mp4 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/209433/video_mag_24_2012_1.mp4 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/209433/video_mag_24_2012_2.mp4 As you can see the FHM process is always using some CPU, even when Idle. In these videos you see an average of 6/7% but sometimes it reached even 20%. On idle. I have an app called Watchdog that "marks" when an idle app takes too much processor: yesterday I played at FHM and haven't closed and tonight, during the night, Watchdog found it using 40% of processor! There's definitely something wrong here... Also this morning I left home and played FHM on the bus for circa 20 mins (on and off). My battery went to 75%.
  3. Battery drains really fast

    Uhm regarding background consumption I am a bit skeptical because task manager show it in yellow and red and no other app or game has this percentage during background. I'll test leaving on and see what happens. Re battery drain it depends how much time it takes to run a season but I would say that I cannot play for more than an hour without a charger in the area :-) it's weird because apart from some calculations during games or change of days, it does not seem to be a processor hungry app. My phone, instead, a gs2,gets really hot when playing.
  4. Battery drains really fast

    I've just installed 3.4 and I'll let you how it goes with the battery, which was awfully hungry before. I've to say however that my concern is that it does consume processor even when it's in the background! Galaxy s2 ics 4.0.4
  5. Can't exit on 3.4a

    Hi, most of android apps support the back=exit from main window, especially games. However it would be fine not to have it: but the main problem I'm facing is that fhm consumes a lot of processor even when it's closed, so I'm for ed to close it with task manager...