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  1. Club Name: Samos Rovers Club Nickname: Eagles Club Colours: Black and Red Badge Style (Plain, Stripes or Checks): Stripes Manager Name: Daniel Sherbinger Day/Month of Birth (all born in 1982): 27/2 Star Player Name: Matthew Blake Day/Month of Birth (all born in 1994): 18/11 Position (check availability): ST 2nd Position (if not GK):AMC Stadium Name:The Eagles Nest
  2. I can read it! Ri zhi quan. I have no idea what it means, though.
  3. [Sign-up] Best team in the world

    Name: Matt Winchester Date of Birth: 21/07/1984 Team: Man Utd
  4. Crusader Rovers news The club have announced 4 new signings. Adryan, Daniel Rugani, Hervin Ongenda, and Sime Vrsaljko have arrived a the club for a combined total of £10.18 million pounds. The club's chairman is thought to have stepped in to do these transfers and is believed to be looking to the future, for all the signings are 20 yrs old or younger. P.S. Did you put in these signings?
  5. Crusader Rovers news Transfer Budget 35 mil wage Budget 2 mil Tansfer 70%
  6. Chairman Manager Featuring The Greats

    Okay-ish draft for me, so when is the transfer window starting?
  7. Chairman Manager Featuring The Greats

    Lol, I pick Schmeichel and immediately get Hart
  8. Chairman Manager Featuring The Greats

    I'll go for Peter Schmeichel
  9. Utter fail draft for me Still, got my 200 million to spend
  10. Chairman Manager Featuring The Greats

    Name of Club: (keep them sensible) Crusaders Rovers City:Merseyside Home Kit: Blue with white hoops (QPR) Away Kit: Black with green stripes Stadium Name: Stade De Crusaders Facilitys You have 100 Million to spend what you put up is up to you Training Facilities: 5 - 22.5 mil Youth Facilities (Junior Coaching): 5 - 15 mil Youth Academy: 5 - 22.5 mil Youth Recruitment: 5 - 15 mil Stadium: 25k - 25 mil Player Stats all start at 90CA With 200PA Name: (keep them sensible): Matt Winchester Nationality: England Age 16 : everyone will be born on the 1st January quicker for me Club: Crusaders Rovers 2 Positions: ST only 2 Personality stats at 20 IE Ambition etc: Ambition, Pressure 4 Player Stats at 20 : Finishing, First Touch, Composure, Strength 1ppm : places shots