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  1. match bar wont auto hide

    click on the icon in the match view that looks like 2 arrows pointing to each other (may be covered by a widget) this should fix the problem... you basically have the stats overview on and arent in the match view proper.
  2. Its already been asked earlier in the thread but as no answer was given Ill ask it again. Will there be a podcast this year? As I am only the second person to ask I am assuming the answer is no but Im sure we would both love to know. it was one of life's guilty pleasures... as Im typing this I am really re-evaluating my life and resolving to get out more... some human interaction might be good for me.
  3. Dam you SI!!!!!

    "So when I go to purchase the game tomorrow I'm hoping it says in big clear letters on the box that online activation required. Otherwise...it's a bit off isn't it." Hang on a sec. I'm guessing that you do already know there is on-line activation. Not sure why the labelling should be an issue for you. Everybody just chill out. Whilst you are there compare the size of the PC game selection and your local video store to the size of the selection on steam. If it wasn't for Steam I would find it really hard to buy PC games and might have to buy a console..... (I've just been sick in my mouth) And by the way if you pick up a coffee on the way. IT WILL BE HOT.
  4. New PC - Budget £600

    "buy a barebone and make the pc yourself it is laborious but at the end you get a really powerful computer and easy to fix." This is by far the best advice. For 600 quid you can end up with a PC worth well over a grand. I have built my last 3 or 4 and would never buy one pre-assembled. Its not hard at all to do and there are plenty of guides on-line. A good component store (not a chain) will be able to sell you all the parts you need. I would seriously think about it.
  5. fm12 - david beckham

    In one of my saves he wouldn't sign for me (I was Prem champion) but did sign for Swansea who were in the championship. I also tried signing him as Man U once just to see but still no joy. I think it should be hard to sign him but not as hard. Never tried with an Italian team...
  6. They did answer it. Set your overall strategy to standard or control (and counter I think) and anyone on automatic will be given a support role. Set your overall strategy to attack or overload and all players on automatic will change to attack. And so on with the defensive strategies.
  7. As the OP said you can run steam offline. If this reduces piracy it is worth it. Not only does piracy damage the games industry and make games more expensive for us it also funds organised crime. Also as someone who originally hated steam I can tell you it grows on you. I now buy 90% of my games through it out of convenience.
  8. Agreed. I don't think he's the only one. I cringe when they even try to talk about Scottish football in the pod cast. Fact is the Scottish league is struggling a bit financially right now. Which means most of the top players are moving to England. Looking at the quality of some of those players - Charlie Adam (product of Rangers) was one of the players of the season last year, Stephen Fletcher (product of Hibs) scored 5 in 5 to keep Wolves up, then James McArthur, Christoff Berra and David Goodwillie to name but a few. If anything the financial situation of the clubs should be downgraded but the PA/CAs upgraded. As for Hearts everyone knows that they can be incredibly unpredictable - sacking one of the best managers in the league and bringing in a stooge is an almost annual event down Tynecastle (and I say this as a Hearts supporter) no wonder they fell apart against a good side.
  9. My Regen's face disappeared?

    Shut down FM then restart and that should solve the problem. Not sure why it happens. Possibly you were running low on memory or disk space so it might also help if you do a quick disk clean up.
  10. We know you can create it. What the OP is asking is should it be a default formation to begin with. More of an observation than anything I think.
  11. I was wondering that. A lot of the AI managers use it too.
  12. 11.3 Opinion!

    The stats you mention show up on my game. Did you start a new game or is this an old save?
  13. I have had it up to here!!

    I was once told by an agent that he operated on the agent/player/manager triangle theory. There are 3 points to the triangle and one of them is a..... well you get the idea.
  14. Where are they now?

    Sherman Cardenas - didn't he have real problems?
  15. Thats nothing. I just beat Mun U on away goals in the semi of the CL only to get a message that the Man U captain had lifted the CL trophy anyway...