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  1. I just simmed to 2028 in 15.2b and see this problem hasn't been fixed yet. Most valuable player awards have only been won by defenders and the top 50 highest av in the league are 90% defenders.
  2. I would love the customizability of for example Out of the Park Baseball. Being able to create a dynamic, fictional universe makes the lifespan of the game much longer.
  3. Done, it's named mjt86_too-high-average-rating-for-defenders.sav Also, this might be an explanation: http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13844 My simulating was done in Quick Sim.
  4. Just did a new simulation game with the original database provided by SI, it's 2024 now. All Most Valuable Player awards from 2014 until now went to defenders. League Top 50 Average rating are mostly (about 90%) defenders. Highest rating for an attacker is 7.95, at the 18th place. Highest rated player overall (a defender) is 8.79. It seems that the farthest I simulate into the future, the stronger defenders become over attackers...
  5. In my game defenders seem to get an Average Rating that is way too high. In the first batch of real players the balance seems to be off already, with the Hart Memorial Trophy going more often to defenders than is realistic. But when newgens get into the game the balance is lost completely: I have simulated to 2057 and 49 of the top 50 NHL players with highest Average Rating this season is a defender. So 49 defenders with ratings between 8.04 and 9.09 and just one attacker, on the 50th place, rated 8.03. Also the Hart Memorial Trophy has gone only to defenders for the last +/- 30 years, with the top 3 always solely consisting of defenders. Can this be looked into? Other then that, great game!
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