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  1. I see. But given that the Winger is on Attack, won't the wing back be sufficiently pushed up on the field to cover some of the space between himself and the winger? I'm aware that overlaps won't/most likely won't happen, but I thought that by allowing the DL to be on WB/S duty, he'd be pushed up further on the field during the attack, resulting in less a gap between the winger and wingback. I see. To be fair, it did seem as if my players are pretty bunched up. I will be making adjustments and see how it pans out. In this tactic, would it make more sense for the GK to be a classic GK or a SK? Assuming I won't be pushed up that much, there's not much point to a SK there since I he'd be sending them up high for a counter, correctly? Lest I misunderstand the purpose of a SK.
  2. Hello! As I have progressed through the seasons, I have tried a myriad of tactics, self-made or downloaded from the forums. As I move forward through my save, I have made the switch to a new club, and the resources available at the club, as well as my own desire, have me exploring a new tactic. Given the club depth and the types of players I have at the team, I have been looking at developing a 4-3-3 tactic, the way I want it to play out. I haven't tested it really, outside of pre-season and a 1-0 win against Manchester United, but for what it's worth, it was somewhat successful in these, creating chances, although not dominating the game like I would like to. This is what I envision/want: DM/Anchor - an entirely defensive midfielder, intercepting and winning the ball, that links the defence and midfield MCR/RPM - should be the heart of the team, feeding the balls to my attackers. MCL/BBM - a dynamic player that can support the attack, as well as cover defensively AML/Winger - a wide, explosive player looking to deliver the ball into the box for the CF/AMR to score AMR/IF - self explanatory, I assume; cut inside and be a goalscoring threat ST/CF - main goalscorer and threat; my strikers are decently physical and tall, as well as very quick So, this is the tactic itself: I want the tactic to befit the stature of the club. I want entertaining, attacking football. I believe possession is important, but I don't want possession for the sake of possession; players should be able to roam and be creative, while capitalising on the possession (if that makes any sense?). At the same time, when we don't have the ball I don't intend to lay back, I intend to press and get back possession. So, I'm looking for some advice. First of all, based on the few games I've played, it somewhat felt as if the CF was isolated and was not provided enough support. I'd mention I tried it on CF/S initially, but with only one attacking role (W/AT), I felt we lack enough attacking edge. I considered setting the IF on AT, but I felt that would leave me too exposed on the right flank, and it's not like the IF does too much defensive work anyway. Ultimately, I'm looking for some advice on where to go from here. To me it feels that it's decently balanced, although I am not in any shape or form great at the tactical side of the game. Based on the small testing sample, I don't feel as if I've got that 'attacking edge' yet, although it may be premature. Thanks.
  3. I have a rather straightforward question. Does FM make use of hyperthreading? As in will a i7 be noticably quicker than an i5 (talking i7 6700 vs i5 6500)
  4. Sell players, watch out for the fees/wages/agent fees. At Spurs, I had several great players, and was constantly winning something. Catch is, I never gave wages bigger than 200kp/w despite me affording 300kp/w. I used the feeder clubs to my advantage, one in China, one in USA, one in Africa, so I had international exposure. Player reputations also affect this. A player like Ronaldo is destined to boost your sales, or a player like Damiao / Neymar / Sneijder (they're far easier to get). Another example, Keisuke Honda. If you have a feeder in China, you will be able to use them as an intermediary to the chinese market, and it surroundings. That means a boost to Honda shirt sales. I was loosing only 500k per month, and sometimes ten mil, depending on how many players I bought/fees. That being said, I was extremely good financially. So use your feeder club locations wisely, spend wisely, sell big and invest in youth.
  5. Hands down to Damiao. 48 in 40. On FM12 though, its another story. I had Cavani, with 350 goals in 320 matches. Brilliance.
  6. ---------------GK------------ FB/D----CD/D---CD/D----FB/d --------DM/Anchorman------- --------------CM/AP----------- Winger/S----AM/S---------Winger/S ------------Poacher/AF--------- that's how I play it
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