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  1. crisrko

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    I have a rather straightforward question. Does FM make use of hyperthreading? As in will a i7 be noticably quicker than an i5 (talking i7 6700 vs i5 6500)
  2. crisrko

    Celebrities hacked

    Windows phone should use this for a publicity stunt: "Windows phone, keeping your privates private."
  3. crisrko

    OTF Football Manager 2014 Thread

    Currently getting my hands on Gauld, Seb. Rode and Jorgensen from Kobenhaven. Any ideas how Gauld and Jorgensen will pan out?
  4. crisrko

    FM14 Possible Wonderkids

    Dorin Rotariu(Dinamo Bucharest)
  5. Sell players, watch out for the fees/wages/agent fees. At Spurs, I had several great players, and was constantly winning something. Catch is, I never gave wages bigger than 200kp/w despite me affording 300kp/w. I used the feeder clubs to my advantage, one in China, one in USA, one in Africa, so I had international exposure. Player reputations also affect this. A player like Ronaldo is destined to boost your sales, or a player like Damiao / Neymar / Sneijder (they're far easier to get). Another example, Keisuke Honda. If you have a feeder in China, you will be able to use them as an intermediary to the chinese market, and it surroundings. That means a boost to Honda shirt sales. I was loosing only 500k per month, and sometimes ten mil, depending on how many players I bought/fees. That being said, I was extremely good financially. So use your feeder club locations wisely, spend wisely, sell big and invest in youth.
  6. crisrko

    Your most prolific striker?

    Hands down to Damiao. 48 in 40. On FM12 though, its another story. I had Cavani, with 350 goals in 320 matches. Brilliance.
  7. crisrko

    how many of you play 4-2-3-1 ?

    ---------------GK------------ FB/D----CD/D---CD/D----FB/d --------DM/Anchorman------- --------------CM/AP----------- Winger/S----AM/S---------Winger/S ------------Poacher/AF--------- that's how I play it
  8. crisrko

    Recommend A Game Thread

    America's Army: Proving Grounds free on steam, tactical, FPS and yes, actually tactical the community is great
  9. crisrko

    OTF Football Manager 2013 thread

    How far are you guys through your saves? Currently I'm in 2028, managed Steaua in Romania, where I won the league 4 times, managed Ukraine and Romania only to be beaten by Spain in quarters, then went on to play as Spurs. First season I got the EL, but then I left the post and took over France. Didn't win anything there either, because Brazil. Also had a brief spell with L'pool but I ragequited the job. Came back to Spurs to win the BPL and the EL(again), and then I took over Dortmund. Currently 2nd, 9 games left.