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  1. Maybe its because of their CA, you can't tutor a player who has a higher CA than the player who will be doing the tutoring. Don't know for sure but I bet Anderson/Nani have a higher CA than Scholes/Giggs so they can't tutor them.... if any of that makes sense
  2. Anyone remember that Sindre Loe Bing guy?? Had natural position for everywhere but GK if I remember correctly. Not sure if he was actually real or not though...
  3. Totally agree with the above. I think the quality and depth of Kip's reports are what made the original experiment so interesting. TBH towards the end of the previous one it wasn't anywhere near as interesting when Kip was just breezing through the seasons. Can't wait for this one to start, definately going to be even more sucessful than the previous one. KUTGW Kip!!
  4. Yeah, thats the kind of thing I was talking about. Like they do in the newspapers every year. I think the number of entrants would have to be limited to make it possible.
  5. Had an idea today. What about the 'FM fantasy football league'. Just like your normal fantasy football league but based on a single season of FM premiership football, taking the values of players at the start of a new game (Not sure if they differ from game to game?). Would probably be a lot of work but could be fun. Not something I could take on myself but maybe one of you hardcore FMers could do?? Just an idea, probably not feasable but worth a mention.
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