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  1. I'm currently just coming to the end of the 2022/23 season... my game time is 14 days, 16 hours, 3 minutes. I guess it depends on how you play the game, how many leagues you load, how good your pc is etc...
  2. Jonzii

    Feeding the Yak?

    Real life.... Yes! FM.... Not so much! Just my experience of course.
  3. I just spent the whole journey home thinking about how to deal with my under performing, tantrum throwing star striker!
  4. Most parts of defending don't really work on FM tbh, and haven't done for a long time. Its been like it for at least the last 3 versions so you just have to get used to it.
  5. Jonzii

    What makes a wonderkid?

    I think it's just any player above a certain PA (to make them a world class player) that is 21 or under.
  6. Must have been Stuart Atwell reffing the game.
  7. Jonzii

    FC United

    Ask in the editing forum mate. Alternatively, There is a list of saved games from the start of the 2nd season here for different clubs - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/234410-FM11-Dafuge-Challenge-Saves-Thread-%28-w-Large-DB%29 but they will be set up for Dafuges challenge.
  8. Jonzii

    FC United

    Not from the start without editing. You will need to wait until the 2nd season and hope they get promoted.
  9. Its fine to do this as long as your willing to cut spending the following few seasons, and as above you continue to be succesful. I did it as an experiment in FM10 and after 3 seasons I had £7m a month going out in transfer fees, needless to say it didn't end well!
  10. As far as I can remember 7.0 was buggy as hell and I stopped playing it... started again on 7.2 it was the best and most enjoyable FM there has ever been in my opinion. I have to say though, if the next patch or two on FM11 can sort out the match engine, transfer probs and a few other small things I can see myself enjoying this one even more!
  11. Jonzii

    Tutor changes?

    Maybe its because of their CA, you can't tutor a player who has a higher CA than the player who will be doing the tutoring. Don't know for sure but I bet Anderson/Nani have a higher CA than Scholes/Giggs so they can't tutor them.... if any of that makes sense
  12. Jonzii

    Steam Updated Demo

    How did I miss that!? Thanks!
  13. Just fired up the demo through steam and it downloaded an update..... Anyone know what thats all about??
  14. I've never seen this in 25 years... constantly being touted for jobs but still never seen it. Even when I've been offered jobs it still doesn't appear.... pretty pointless really.