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  1. Ah the transition from slider speak to pure football speak has been accomplished. Well done THOG, jaw dropping good!
  2. What kind of attributes should fit here? Decisions I guess is key? Anything else, bravery? I'm thinks the player would need to have some moral courage to run the game, perhaps not bravery but some kind of on the ball courage, determination perhaps?
  3. Don't take this as Gospel, but I'm sure that Attacking football translates to shot count in the boards eyes. Maybe Cleon or RT can confirm it. Anyway if correct, then playing attacking mentality is not essential.
  4. I understand what your saying and I agree with it, I don't expect them to be static 90 minutes, but, given the defensive mentality you are employing how adventurous/often are those penetrative runs occurring with those duties? That line of thinking got me to where I assumed ( perhaps wrongly) that you were opening up a lot of counter opportunities. I'm also now thinking that the creation of open space in behind teams due to your mentality and duties is encouraging those players to run into it on a regular basis.
  5. Not to that extreme but I must say I did believe that support or defensive players rarely broke lines with their off the ball running?
  6. How on earth are you getting penetration with those duties? This must rely massively on the opposition over exposing themselves ( frustration?) and triggering lots of counters for you? Edit: Everybody is going 3-4-3 crazy, love it
  7. It wouldn't take long watching the BWM in a match to see him leaving his position to close down...so it's a lie to say there is nothing in-game to suggest it.
  8. Your fullbacks have acres of space to run into, at pace. By the time the opposition try to engage his deep runs they will generally have a hard time matching a full pelt deep run from a mostly standing position ( defence would need great acceleration ). In other words try letting your deeper players Attack more and your higher positioned players support more( pulling the opposition DL out).
  9. Ethos, philosophy always comes first for me. To me formations are just frameworks/scaffolding to implement/construct the ethos inside.
  10. Yea I remember the two of us discussing it before. It does seem to be exacerbated without a DM aswell as a CD perhaps rightfully looks to fill the space in between the lines in such set ups.
  11. You sure the defender here hasn't had a high starting position rather then come out to close down. It looks like the forward has got in behind a high starting position defender perhaps? Your stopper has gone very deep though, which makes me all kinds of sceptical.
  12. It's fairly flabbergasting that this one in particular hasn't been way more popular as it seems to address the most common gripes people have.
  13. If you want to give away my formation Jambo that's ok. I just can't get into this save for a few non FM reasons.
  14. Just looking for a quick clarification. Is that direct passing also given to attacking players when this is triggered?
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