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  1. Italy v England 1-2* The goalscorers - Saka, Insigne, Kane The times of the goals 13', 36', 55' How many penalties will be scored in total? 1 Will the match go to extra time? No Will the match go to penalties? No How many yellow cards in total? 3 How many red cards in total? 0 Time of the first goal scored? 13' Time of the last goal scored? 55' First team to score? England Last team to score? England
  2. Hi OTF, with the EUROs coming towards their close, I thought I'd write a little piece about the many different fascinating threads that the tournament's spun, through the lens of how the various managers have over- or under-performed. I've always thought international managers in general deserve a bit more written about them; so often they're a bit of an afterthought to the players that make the headlines. I hope this proves interesting to read through, or at least functions as an adequate distraction to those chewing their nails as we await a potentially nerve-shredding final 1st -
  3. The thing is, I remember Jenas as being relatively insightful when he first joined the MotD team, but ever since the first couple of years he's gradually become more and more insufferable. It makes you wonder whether the BBC have deliberately coached him to be more dull and use more non-sequitur clichés. The 5 Live team blows both the BBC TV and ITV commentary crews out the water - Pat Nevin in particular on co-comms is excellent, don't know why he doesn't get asked to do the TV comms because he's so much more natural at being able to explain the game than any of the ones that do get on.
  4. Not really any more worried about Italy than I was before this game. Denmark played very well as expected, and that period between the 10th minute and their goal I felt they were just edging us - certainly the goal didn't seem against the run of play. England reacted fantastically though - a lot of us had been left wondering how England would cope to going a goal down in this tournament, but immediately they cut down the right twice and got back to parity before half time. The Danes did come out strongly again for the start of the second half, but as the game wore on, England wrested
  5. A key part of what's made Denmark do dangerous so far has been Maehle's contributions and ability to join the attack so readily from left-back. Whether we go 3-4-3 or 4-3-3, I'd like us to try starting Sterling on his flank just to give him something extra to think about throughout the match. Even off the ball, Sterling's (likewise, Saka when he's played) always had a huge effect in each of the matches he's played, simply because his opponents have been invariable terrified of his pace.
  6. Genuinely feel there's a significant portion of the hard 'anti-woke' Tory lot that would be secretly be fuming if England won the title, imply because their success would go against their narrative of what England should be in their eyes. The idea of an England team that knelt for a 'Marxist' cause, wearing rainbow armbands, publicly defending openly gay fans, led by a soft-spoken, thoughtful and sensitive manager who regularly espouses progressive values... not to mention that it includes Raheem Sterling of all people as one of its heroes... it might just make some of their tiny heads ex
  7. Tuesday 6th June Italy v Spain 2-1 * Wednesday 7th June England v Denmark 2-0 How many penalties will be scored in total: 0 How many matches will go to extra time: 0 How many matches will go to penalties: 0 How many yellow cards in total: 5 How many red cards in total: 1 Time of the first goal scored across all matches: 22' Time of the last goal scored (excluding penalties in the event of a tie after 120 mins): 83' First team to score: England Last team to score: Italy (also how've I managed to fall from 1st place two week
  8. To me, that spoke more to Sven's particular fondness of those two players, rather than there being any serious lack of depth. Form what I remember he liked both, Vassell in particular, due to the extra pace they provided. There were plenty of perfectly good players like Parker, Carrick, Defoe, Wright-Phillips, or even Kevin Phillips (who never really got a fair shake with England) that were left behind, and if they were playing today would have been in with at least an outside shout for a place in the squad. As others have pointed out, Sven's biggest problems were always in knowing what h
  9. The difference between Denmark and Germany in their 3-4-3s is that in Denmark's case, there's much more of a focus on getting the wing-back on one side to overlap (in this case Maehle), rather than using both Gosens and Kimmich to stretch the pitch as with Germany. Also, the centreback stepping forward for the Germans was [the right-sided] Ginter rather than the central player of the three; for Denmark it's Christensen who likes to step up. Denmark may start off as a 3-4-3 but their setup makes them much more able to transition to an effective 4-3-3 if the situation requires. England will
  10. disgraceful showing from England and Ukraine really to not pick up any bookings
  11. Pickford; Mæhle, Stones, Christensen, Spinazzola; Pogba, Jorginho, Pedri; Forsberg; Sterling, Schick; (if you'll excuse the slight excuse at right-back) Chiellini, Højbjerg, Busquets (surprisingly to me) and Kane among those on the periphery of those still in the tournament One more performance like he's produced in the knockouts and he would; Spinazzola's been so important to how Italy have played so far though, being able to stretch the pitch and put in deliveries, and also come in on the underlap on occasion - he'll be a massive miss for the semi.
  12. I don't expect Ukraine to be doing too much sitting back against England, they tried playing for a draw v Austria and just got bullied, you could say they got a bit fortunate v Sweden with Forsberg hitting the post and bar but they looked a lot better when they were giving it a proper go, and eventually they were rewarded in extra time. If Belgium don't have a fit de Bruyne then I don't reckon they have much chance at all. When he went off v Portugal they offered nothing, and were lucky Portugal's attack wasn't better co-ordinated otherwise they'd have likely conceded an equaliser before
  13. Friday 2nd July Switzerland 0-2 Spain 17:00 Belgium 0-2 Italy 20:00 * Saturday 3rd July Czech Republic 1-2 Denmark 17:00 Ukraine 0-3 England 20:00 How many penalties will be scored in total (this includes those matches which got to penalties at the end of extra time) Correct answer - 3 How many matches will go to extra time - 1 How many matches will go to penalties - 0 How many yellow cards in total - 12 How many red cards in total - 0 Who will be the goalscorers for England - Harry Kane, Mason Mount, Illya Zabarnyi o.g.
  14. Really mature win, the difference in how the players approached the game v Iceland and the game today was so stark - some early nerves in the first ten minutes but you could see the confidence gradually building in the team rather than it being slowly drained away. There may have been caution but there was no fear.
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