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  1. Simple question: When would you prefer to be dropped into a new club when starting a new game? Option (A) At the close of the previous season, with no transfers in or out (except those long-established), so you can decide how to rebuild the squad in the coming season or.... Option (B) As it currently works with transfers in and out up to date as much as possible, so you are taking over another manager's preparations for the new season
  2. Seeing as Miles described this project coming together in the summer of 2012 but was going to be totally outsourced to Sony, Hardlight and Little Stone then I'd guess that what they produced wasn't up to SI standards. Telling them to go back and do it properly is admirable in a lot of ways and keeps a(n eventually) potentially lucrative commercial agreement and 2.5 years of work from getting trashed... but it has made your PR stragegy look naive and your company disrespectful to customers.
  3. Wahey! We won it comfortably in the end allowing time to give some match time to the youth team and a lot of instant resulting. Final table: P:46 W:26 D:12 L:8 F:95 A:47 I really enjoyed the fact that it really allows you to get away with having slow CBs. This is something I had really struggled with in my own tactics and also ancient CBs with great technical but rubbish physical stats are both really common and really cheap in the game, so this makes it a great tactic for small budget teams
  4. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for sharing your tactic. I always holiday through the first season unemployed and then take a job in summer. I ended up at Brighton who'd not really improved or decreased the quality of the team. The season is not done yet but after spending only £8k on improving my team I sitting 14 points clear at the top of the table: P:28 W:19 D:6 L:3 F:69 A:29 So looking good and I can highly recommend this tactic. Thanks buddy
  5. Another club came in for another player and the exchange player button is now back. No idea what happened before but seems like it was just a glitch.
  6. Hello, Can someone help me with this as I think I am being a bit special. A club have come in with an offer for one of my players and I want to negotiate it and ask for less money but a player to exchange. So I press add in additional fees box -> then press players to exchange -> then press other players from squad I'm now looking at the other teams squad. If I right click on the players name there is no option to exchange and this is the same if i go to the player's profile and go to more actions. These are full time, professional contract players I am after. What am I missing here? Thanks for any help...
  7. I always remembered Lionel as amazing in real life so I can't condone him being added to the list - obscurity and your knees falling off are two separate things. Fairly recent, although not especially interesting, interview here: http://beatsandrhymesfc.com/lionel-morgan-interview-fond-days-as-a-don-for-former-england-prodigy/
  8. That makes a lot of sense tracdoor. I guess a standalone version of FMC with an open editor would never work for SI: You buy new versions for the new extra features. FMC, by design, lacks those features so you're not going to buy the new version if the FM community make updated databases. The work of adding in an editor would cost SI money from future purchases. The only way they could do it is by releasing database updates to the store for a price.
  9. Think this season has bought a real change in the way league clubs are doing business in England. It seems like the majority of clubs have released masses of players and no one is recruiting. It seems like the PFA released player list is longer than ever and there are a lot of fairly decent footballers stewing without contracts at the moment. Do people think this is a conscious effort by clubs to fight back against agents and rising player wages and a lot will get snapped up later and cheaper? Or are clubs cost cutting? Or running smaller, but more talented squads knowing they can pick up cover from those without a contract if and when they need it? Ultimately, do you think this is a new way of doing business or just a strange year? Also do you think FM should be altered to reflect this trend (and possibly increase realism?) or would people rather leave it as it is knowing that it's probably going to be quite a fundamental change to AI with subsequent mistakes in balance likely?
  10. I don't think it's cause to be angry as I still view FMC as a free add-on to the main version. However, like the OP, I only have time to play FMC and this was the main reason I purchased the game. Overall, I love it but the lack of access to the editor does make the game go stale a lot faster. I hope FMC becomes a standalone, cheaper product that borrows the FM database. However I would only buy it (or FM14) if the ability to use edited databases is added into the FMC. Either allow it but clearly state it's not supported if stability is the problem, if you are worried about losing transactions from the store then add the editor to the store (I'd pay £5 for access to an FMC editor), add a mode that turns off achievements and unlockables if an editor is used or add edited databases into the store for purchase. Do whatever you need to do. I am very fond of FMC and think it could be a great move for SI with a bit more work, but for me it does need a refresh more than once a year.
  11. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/324191-FMC-Wishlist-Thread Oh Goofy! You're the living end! It's the first suggestion!
  12. So happy to see this, but then gutted when I realised I can't use it in FMC... such a roller coaster of emotion
  13. Can you add a column for second nationality as well? - I used to do this for manually scouting South America but they removed it from classic mode
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