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  1. Omg, what tactic they were using? It's very hard to get this record in Brazilian league, all the teams are very similar technically speaking.
  2. Talking about injuries, that's EXACTLY what's been happening to me. Every match I have at least one player whose fitness dropped, and one that's really injured. And I couldn't find anything saying that something about it was changed... but it really was.
  3. Thank you guys for aaaall your help! Im really pleased! I saw several points of view and now I'm sure I am more prepared to face this formation and get a positive result! Thanks a lot!!
  4. When i tried playing this formation, their 3 DCs always destroyed my attacks. they still had the wbs to defend mines, and still the DMF to protect against my AMF... :/
  5. Counter attack? It's impossible. Would be a 0-0 for sure. Yes i can see that the flanks are the way to go, but it seems impossible to outnumber them. What formation would be the best to go? 442 ? Ive been playing with a 41221, sometimes 4231, and I think that putting one more striker would be better, wouldn't it?
  6. Hello guys, I am playing at Brazilian League, and I'm finding a lot of trouble to play against this formation: http://i.imgur.com/1d1mV.png It looks very defensive, and it is most of the times, with countering alot, but Botafogo has been winning everything with this tactic! They were champions of ALL the tournaments that they played, and ALMOST won the Fifa Club World Cup against Barcelona. A tough 2x1 loss. And also, I couldn't find ANY way to win this tactic. lol Do you guys have any ideas on how to exploit spaces (if there is any), or any strategy to win this formation? Thanks in advance!
  7. It happened to me once. I was Gremio's manager, from Brazil, and then São Paulo offered me the job. SP is one of the biggests teams in Brazil, and the most victorious. When I took control NOBODY wanted to come. But then after a few days, it was solved I don't know how..
  8. Well, it would may be, if it was not the result of the WHOLE championship.
  9. Not enough, because you can't see any DMCs.. and just a question.. is this happening in your saves too ? Or am I the 'luckiest' ?
  10. Ah now it's clear. It's really annoying and incredible those ratings. But at least it will be fixed! Thanks for the information.
  11. Man, first of all, I love this game. Really. But please... Is this the reality that you are talking about? http://i.imgur.com/GTTJv.png I counted. 22 of the 33 candidates were CENTRAL DEFENDERS. Others 6 FULLBACKS. Just 5 strikers. Any midfielders... But wait... Let's see players stats.. http://i.imgur.com/n4Dq2.png 68 of the 100 players with best average ratings were DEFENDERS. Man, really... something is not working in this 13.1.3.. for sure... I don't even know if it's a bug or what, but it is something to be discussed.
  12. What you have to keep in mind is that difficulty levels wouldn't turn the game easier. Not for you. It would just give the opportunity to newbies to have fun without caring THAT much about tactics, finances, etc. I see it as a way to bring the game to more people.. at least it's what I think. It wouldn't be bad to anyone. I think it's something that would just give more opportunities to new players to enjoy this beautiful game.
  13. What means enjoyable to you, may not mean the same to others.. I also prefer this way, otherwise it gets boring, winningwinningwinningwinning.. But I don't know, that may be an alternative... Some way to get a little less complainings...
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