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  1. You must start a new game to use an edited database. If you want to edit an ongoing game you will need a 3rd part editor, such as FMRTE. About Brazilian data, probably guys from FManager Brasil are already editing clubs names and colours.
  2. This year FM Touch was advertised as a bonus for pre-orders, maybe OP bought after released. But I really don't know if now it's really two separated games or not, just a guess. To OP, if you haven't played the game for more than two hours you can ask for a refund on Steam (assuming you have bought directly from them).
  3. Right? 'We clearly have stated that we won't give any more information' is not much of clarification. My concern is that some Brazilian mainstream news sites are already reporting that FM2017 won't be sold in Brazil, I came here in hope for more info.
  4. Wow, this year FM won't be available in Brazil? I couldn't pre-order and reading through this thread there is no clear information on this. Is there any further detail about this anywhere?
  5. It's not totally right. When Classic first came out there were a work around to load edited databases from pre-game editor. It worked pretty well until blocked by SI. That said, no reason to block edited DB on Classic other than sell DLC.
  6. From my own experience the best unactive country to create a fantasy nation is CIS. Your country will enter for Euro and WC qualifying and same for the teams on continental competitions. No need to move other nations away, and I wouldn't advice that. FM Editor is not a very reliable tool, a little mistake or conflict and your created database is gone. Keep simple and try not to touch other nations. About English/Spanish names, 200 created people can do the work. Although when I created my nation I added about 500 people, most of them I only filled NAMES, DOB, CITY, CLUB and PA/CA.
  7. Monsi, how did you manage to set Europe as continent for your nation? I'm creating a new nation in CIS place but continent field is locked and set none for inactive nations such as Ireland, CIS and old Germanys.
  8. - Better interface for iPad instead a bigger iPhone interface. FMH could be more like older FM desktop, FM05, 06. Stats are hidden in this interface, it takes many clicks (taps) to get where you want. Boring game.
  9. At FM13 release it was possible due a "bug", but after a patch SI "fixed" and doesn't allow us to use edited data anymore. SI ditched a feature, this way they can sell more unlockables. I'll never understand why some companies have to be this greedy.
  10. FMH is unplayable for me. The interface is awful, everything you want to do takes a lot of 'clicks' and it's not fluid. Borring game that doesn't worth the price. In other hand FMC is fantastic and brings back the enjoyment of playing older FMs. The only downside is it can not load edited databases (it can due a bug, but SI do not support it, this way they can sell more unlockables).
  11. Edited database do not work with FMC, so it is not an option for him.
  12. Thanks mistahc. I am already downloading the patch.
  13. Does anyone know if this is still working with 13.1.2 update? I'm only updating if this accidental FEATURE is not lost :-)
  14. Great! I going to try this now. The major disappointment of FM13 is that edited database doesn't work with FMC. Greed SI.
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