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  1. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated. I have decided to just reinstall the game on the SSD and import my game file and backup from my SI Games folder. While checking I noticed that in the "Games Folder" as well as the game and backup files there is also a config file, do I also need to import it as well?.
  2. I am in the process of getting my programs etc backed up prior to installing an SSD. I remember previously when I reinstalled FM eg after a OS reinstall/upgrade all I did was copy my game files to a USB or my external HDD and then pasted the file into the appropriate folder after reinstalling FM. My question this time is, will it work if I copy the FM folders from my present Programs folder on my C: drive onto the new SSD once I have it all installed and running?. Or should I just save my game files as before and paste them into the games folder after I reinstall FM15 from the CD-ROM?.
  3. 3D in full Match mode for every game. I am a retired pensioner and have lots of free time though.
  4. I was having this problem in season one of my present save but after a search here came across some threads on training in FM15. To cut a long story short it turns out that where you could set your General training level to High/Very High during the season in previous years, in FM15 it is better to set it down to average after pre-season in FM15. Just remembered my original search was for advice on too many injuries but when I applied it I found that as well as reducing injuries it also made my players stay fitter.
  5. I have always played with the objective of turning my club into a machine. That means that over the course of 5-7 seasons I bring players through from my youth team via my reserves and where the best ones make the first team squad. In the first season or two I will buy a lot of players, usually selling off most first team players I inherited who are coming up to thirty and also have expensive wages. By the 5th season I usually have a conveyor band of players passing through the system some being sold as not good enough at my level but nonetheless very good players at lesser levels. In this way I very rarelly use transfer funds available unless I want to buy a really really top young player who was a marquee signing. At the beginning of my 3rd season in my present save I just bought Paul Pogba for £80+ million including various time related clauses. As I play all my matches in full it usually takes me most of the year to complete 5-7 seasons when the new FM comes out and I start all over again. I have a background in management (industry) which I can apply successfully in FM and I very rarely get bored with playing FM. Over the years I have tried LLM, sleeping giants to the CL etc etc but find that turning a club into a powerhouse machine keeps me interested and involved much more.
  6. What I have noticed on this is that if there isn't an obvious "positive" answer then I just check the No Comment box. One of the obvious traps in this option is being asked to comment on their/your GK not having conceded for such and such games, choose the wrong answer and you can guarantee that he will that match. The same with the how do you think the absence of their/your so and so affect the match today question?. Choose the wrong answer and either the players team will either rise to the occasion or collapse in morale, so if an obvious positive answer to your benefit is not available then choose no comment. The personality of the reporter asking the qustion also has a bearing on this. But my fallback position to this is, when in doubt the answer no comment.
  7. It never fails to surprise me the amount of people who buy this game and then complain about having to actually do the management demands themselves.
  8. My second season with Liverpool having won the EPL and FA Cup in the first. I sold all the deadwood, brought in mostly young up and comers for my U21 & U18 squads. Romagnoli joined in July having been bought in first season. Bought Lucas Romero after scouting for three months using the money the club gave me for transfers at end of season 2014/15. With the money I got for Lucas, Assaidi, Aspas, Coates, Enrique et al plus the £34m kitty from the board I found that even after buying in the players I intended I still had a transfer kitty of £51m. Having done a three month scout on Paul Pogba and being told he could be bought for between £64 - £88m and for wages between £135 - £185kpw. I made an offer for him and eventually settled on £78m with £40 up front, £20m over 12 months + appearance + goals money for the rest. I get to talk and while we look like reaching an agreement on a contract his agent wants £8.5m for himself non-negotiable which is above what my board will allow for an agent and the whole deal collapses. Tried again but as soon as we get to the contract stage his agent won't negotiate anymore.
  9. Even if you do it the front way, you are only 50% guaranteed it will be a son!!!!.
  10. Perhaps a mod can put this where it belongs. When I updated to the latest patch, I could open Steam but not FM15. When I tried to open FM15 I got an Error, fatal exception pop up instead. I use Comodo CIS for security and immediately thought that it was something in my "Allowed Program" in application rules for Comodo. It turned out it wasn't but when I was exiting out of Comodo I noticed that there was a new entry in the sandbox header on the Comodo GUI screen. Sure enough on checking I found that Comodo had sandboxed the Sega installer for the update which of course blocked FM15 from opening. All I had to do was right click on the Sega entry in the sandbox, add it to the Allowed Program list then exit the pop ups and restart FM15 and all was well. My son in law phoned me later that day saying he couldn't open his game either, I found out it was the same problem with the same solution. Just a heads up to you mods to add this to your list of solutions.
  11. In FM15 the DM position is not very well match appreciated. I found that in my team by changing him to a Regista with "Get Further Forward" he became one of the highest averages in my squads season. Some people mention Mascherano as a DM but I disagree. In real life I believe he is a Ball Winning Midfielder. Just watch him playing for Argentina in the last WC for proof. Match after match all he did was win the ball back from the opposition and pass it on to the creative players, then he held his position until the next time. The very definition of a BWM in my opinion.
  12. Played the sounds for a while years ago but gets boring and repetitive really quickly so now I turn them off at game install. Years ago someone made a soundpack of various chants from different clubs which was very entertaining and I could see myself using an updated version of that if I ever found them again. Mostly though I listen to my music or noodle on my guitar while playing matches in full.
  13. I have had a very successful season playing a 3CB-2WB-1Regista-2MC-1SS-1F9. I have this formation and the player/team instructions pretty well sussed out. However I was thinking of building a new tactic for my second season. Don't want to stray too far from the one above but I was thinking along the lines of 2 Defensive wingers to replace the WB's, this would give me basically a 3-4-3 formation but instead of the wingers/inside forwards I could have a choice of 2AMC+1SC or 1AMC and 2 Strikers. I realise that it isn't that much different from the WB one but I find that at the end of season 1 although still winning most games I was scoring less even though I was still having as many shots etc. The defensive set up in that tactic is solid having rarely conceded more than one goal in a match as well as many clean sheets. Thinking that maybe keeping that formation for away games and building a 2 x defensive winger one for home games as a more attacking version in order to maybe score more goals was a plan for season 2. Not really asking for anything other than some feedback from people who have used the defensive winger option and how it affected their tactic defensively as opposed to WB/FB's?.
  14. I do understand the OP's frustrations, but the answer is to figure out what you are doing wrong not give up and then blame the game cos it can't possibly be the player can it?. I am 65 and have played every version since CM01- FM15 except FM's 10&12, ever since I first heard my son venting his frustration on CM01 which he had wanted and received as a birthday present in 1998/99? I think it was. In the end he gave up and I became "addicted", lol. In every version of FM I have gone through a period of frustration while I figured out the differences from the previous one, and every time without fail, when I did eventually figure out the solution the causes of my frustrations always lay with me the player and not the game. Although I don't post much I do visit these forums a lot just to catch up with the latest news and read the excellent articles by some very clever people. I think that their are in the main three types of players firstly, the type who just want a one size fits all tactic that they can set up, go on holiday and come back to see how "they" did at the end of the season. This type of player now finds it very hard to succeed in the long term as the game has developed beyond that in my opinion. Secondly, and probably the biggest group are the type who take the time to actually manage the team of their choice and play the match itself between key and extensive highlight mode mainly due to time/family/work commitments because it does take a lot of time to be really successful at FM. Thirdly are players like myself, retired, or who for various reasons, disability, financial freedom or other have as much time as they want to play the game and in my case for example I play one or maybe two matches a day always in full mode but spend considerably more time actually managing the club. I spent most of the last 30yrs in industrial management and therefore many of the in game decisions etc come second nature to me. I think the biggest change I see in FM15 is the amount of off field activity in the game now. Many of the people who play this wonderful game either forget or don't know that it is first and foremost a management simulation. I believe this is where many of the frustrations amongst players arise as they don't really want to be bothered with the management side of it at all. To these players I would advise them to save themselves a lot of stress and just buy one of the many match orientated games available. Just pick a team and a tactic and away you go, instantly successful stress free football gaming. As I said I have a background in management which helps me in-game, my difficulties to be solved are always on the tactical and training side of it. Having loved football ever since playing it in the street between two lamp posts as a kid in the 50's and later on watching whichever side I supported locally where I was living/working at the time and understanding the rules doesn't automatically qualify you as a master tactician although you would lose that argument in very many post match pubs up and down the various football playing nations of the world. Another thing worth remembering is that the Messi, Rooney, Ronaldo etc, etc in your team is a simulation, he is not the real one. When you switch off your PC, laptop etc they return to being a series of 0's and 1's they are not fretting about that fine/warning or being bottom of the league and being relegated, you are, but not them. My advice to the OP would be, read up on the excellent tactical and practical advice at these forums by too many to mention real experts, but mostly just have a deal of patience and watch at least a few games in full and attempt to see how your changes affect your play in small steps rather than a lot of them all at the same time as the same as real life, that solution will just leads to confusion.
  15. Other than FM's 10&12 I have played since the CM days and won everything in the game several times over but can only remember winning the GOM once in all that time. In my present Liverpool save in FM15 I had Sturridge get a 3rd place but it has always seemed to me that the match engine has the bigger odds in that dept.
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