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  1. don't tease us fuge we know you will stay another year
  2. this tactic is insanely good i'm West Ham year 1 and we are top of the league after 9 games with a 6-0 win over Man Utd in the league cup and 6-1 win over Schalke in the Europa Cup. we are the 6th best at scoring which considering I am West Ham is great but even better we are the best defensive team in the league with only 2 signings in defense which were Eder Alvarez Balanta as a back up CB/WB and Petar Stojanovic as my scout reported he could be a good Prem RB. one thing I noted which has been reported on here is that there is a ridiculous amount of chances a game off the top of my head in one game there was 28 shots with 9 on target, so I obviously added to my midfielders shoot less in the PI which has greatly improved our possession so I would definitely add that. one question I have is what sort of player should you use in the RPM role I always pick Lanzini or Canales (another purchase) as Payet is playing my IF role but when I ask my Ass.Man he always puts Pedro Obiang there.
  3. Hi I have an Issue I can't even go to the shop! when I load FM15 and go to downloads it says I have to enable to enable steam community in game from the steam settings only 1 issue with that I have on the actual steam settings and by right clicking on FM15! steam after 2 weeks haven't responded and still trying to get this fixed any ideas?
  4. i'm destroying things atm just played around with the tactics with how I like football to be played and I have won the league with Dagenham and Redbridge which is quite strange considering I haven't got much rotation at all. but yes fullbacks are so bad this year they don't defend at all however mine has reached an 8 a few times as I like a lot of crosses and they got me a few assists but yeah defensively awful
  5. one of the reasons why Januzaj hasn't decided the country he want's to play for as he wants to play for Kosovo but it hasn't been accepted by FIFA....yet of course it will be accepted though but you can never be sure how long it will take just look at Gibraltar for one took them ages! but back to the OP yes totally possible you can be the best team in the world from any country in the world just different ones are more difficult than others
  6. its supposed to be realistic which is why the wage is there could you imagine the realism welcome to the club we don't think wages are important so you're not getting one! but that doesn't work I tried taking £100 but the stupid sods kept giving me 40k the difference between me and the striker I needed
  7. exactly right the stadia is quality which means an upgrade isn't needed for a few more years and you can get more money and as you have a good area with growing rep you could easily get more ticket sales as for players looked through them and there are a few I would fancy it looks like a good team to start of with as for transfer budget I am not sure of it but yeah it looks nice
  8. Yes it is I have done it in Wales, NI, Scotland and Sweden its all about knowing your tactics and the right sort of player as well as being able to keep in touch with your finances. I mean at this point in time I wouldn't attempt to do it in FM14 not used to the tactics or features. Once you know the tactics the right player and how to make a profit it all falls nicely in to place you can focus on dominating your league which is a constant flow of revenue it also adds reputation more rep means better young players better young players mean eventually better team and when you sell them you can make more money then all the teams in the league can make in a season. The quickest I have done is 5 seasons but that was exceptional by all means I tried again and I didnt do it for 20 seasons as I wasn't getting the right player (my tactics change for nobody)
  9. I went for a 4321 2 wbs a bpd and a limited defender in cm a dlp bwm and an ap 2 IF's and an AF and if you set it up right and get the right players you can really dominate I usually have 55% possession in every game and tons of chances
  10. Either a conference team with a good stadium or Dagenham and redbridge my team all depends on the trophies for 14
  11. For some reason the fa cup kept on beating me I was constantly playing city in the final losing 1-0 2-1 3-1 then as happens we beat them the next year 4-0 but it was a big problem for me saying that it took me 3 attempts to win the CL Lyon just was immense we lost big time 2 years in a row then the 3rd we beat them believe it or not 4-0 I keep getting a pattern kinda odd but the feeling afterwards is certainly rewarding
  12. I have done it many times it is difficult at 1st but can be done I just release everyone and get young unattached kids that have decent stats I play my own tactic which works nicely and get the cms quite good ratings and coz I get good ratings they get interested teams so I just sell them make 40kish which clears the majority of the debt and then you can bring in better players When you are in a low enough league the quality isn't too good so you can get away with being a selling club and still find cheap players to progress
  13. I've done it with wingate & finchley (thanks dafuge for that team) Montrose Newry and West Ham although the latter isn't lower league I just used a 4321 like Barcelona do 1 advance playmaker 1 bwm and 1 dlp 2 if and an advanced forward always have 60+ possession and many chances only difference is I don't use skill full strikers my most successful striker was andy Carroll who was top scorer 2 years running and the World Cup top scorer as well but it's all about the players and what you tell them to do
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