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  1. 1) To many wayward back passes resulting in a corners 2) To many times GK needlessly carries the ball over the goal line resulting in corners
  2. Haha... Maybe I could enjoy a game of golf!? FM is such a saving plan though :/
  3. Please, does the FM15 EDITOR finally allow us to amend the stadiums parts? This is ALL I live for
  4. Fine job SI, very much enjoying the full version playing 1st season as Barnet (VC)... Just had 4 red injuries in a match, 3 in the opening 18 mins! No complaints! Random just like IRL... Looking at my fourth successive clean sheet as I type this... Full match is the best
  5. Barnet, feels like a cheat nowadays! Poor old Martin Allen unemployed again!
  6. anything we can do to ensure we get the best out of our system... will selecting a lower frame rate help? I suffer lag if I have graphic detail higher than medium
  7. 1st game with newest update lost 5-3 away to the mighty Southport... 2 goals conceded via direct free-kicks... and I noticed an 'offside' where the ball was played backwards It's a funny old game!
  8. to this day... when creating a tactic I run fm13 as a reference... I don't know, it's just those sliders, they paint a picture where roles and duties, they use invisible ink
  9. I'm simply alluding to all of the various things that can help or hinder a campaign, injuries, moral, opponent strength, crucial referee decisions etc... I agree with you regards seeing if a tactic 'plays out' how you'd like, can probably conclude that in a few matches once the familiarity is maxed out... But I bet if you played that city season again using that same tactic results would be different... even a sample size of two allows you a better insight as to whether either save was highly lucky or unlucky... see where I am coming from?... Sorry if post looked like an attack, it's not intended to be so... I too love digesting the ME and creating tactics...
  10. To properly test tactics you need to start removing some of the variables... 1 season in a full simulation experience is not enough sample to conclude much IMO... What are your conclusions being drawn against?
  11. * Crazy low shots (grass cutters) that seem to experience no friction... ^ Why no option to water/ not water pitch, let grass grow longer etc?... These things could effect pitch friction factor * The ball is the size of a beachball... ^ option of 'scaling' the size of the ball as a graphic in 3D * Goal keepers thus far too many goals... * Stadium graphic seat rows look contorted from behind corner camera * stadium grapic... stadiums often look nothing like their real life counterparts still... this year it actually looks as if most of the graphics are there, just assigned terribly if you know what I mean... Chester should not have 'the kop' behind one goal please allow us to edit this aspect... we as a community would have it 'sorted' in no time * too many 'hovering' pop ups IMO * The 'elastic' mouse wheel scroll is infuriating! let it stop dead pl-ease! overall the ME looks great BTW * claps SI *
  12. I have purchased the 2013 version off of the Sega site, a bargain at £14.99, I already have a steam account and was expecting to be playing hours ago... now i fear i might not be able to pull an all nighter (as I intended) 'Cos the code take AGES to arrive. How much misery can I expect??? Answer in hours Cant do 2012 while i wait, would be like eating a mcdonalds whilst waiting for the fillet steak you just ordered at G Ramseys'. Anyway hi, and happy new year everybody...
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