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  1. As far as I am concerned Inside forward option is broken in this game......no matter how I set the player he cuts inside (his only scoring chances) maybe once in 3 games...
  2. I hope that this is known issue, because I also get about 10-15 own goals per season
  3. www2

    FM14 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    But to do this I have to move the entire SI folder from my documents to another location (save games, logos, skins....etc).......am I correct????
  4. www2

    FM14 Cut-Out Faces Megapack Thread

    Just a quick question for which I couldnt find an answer in threads. Is it possible to change the location of graphic folder, because my C disc I seriously low on space????
  5. I have to disagree on this....for me it is not realistic to find some "crap" player from (for instance) Azerbaijan who has no club and to offer him 700 euro per week and he refuses it.....not realistic in my book. Offcourse I am not talking about one specific case but rather every single player i found so far....has to be more that 100
  6. Just one question guys.....I am currently in my third season with Bromley (now in Skrill premiere...last though having big problems all of a sudden) and am wondering about one thing. Before (this is 4-5 years ago) I could easilly go in U18 teams all over the world and I would find a player or two willing to join my side, but now in FM2014 I am looking for 3 seasons and am yet to find one player willing to come to my club...bug or no???? I mean I am not talking about U18 England, Germany, Italy etc.....but am talking about Luxemburg, San Marino, Albania....etc?????
  7. First to say hello after 4 or 5 years of no CM/FM. There may be some of you that remember me and some of my sucesfull tactics (OPTION...www2; 4-1-4-1...www2, asymetrical one....etc....I cant remember them all ). I have picked up a FM2014 just to see if I could again get hooked up, and guess what .....well no not exactly I am not hooked simply because I dont have that much time and more because I am amazed how this game evolved over this 4-5 years. When I say this I have to also say that most of the "new" things I dont like. For me the game is now much more complicated and seems TOO detailed, too detailed to enjoy the game for what is really is, or rather was....good old 01/02 days . Anyway as always my "only" (biggest) love in CM/FM is the TACTIC side of it, and since I got the game i tried again to make good defensive tactic as always. In my second season with Bromley I think I finally have something. As always my base is 4-5-1 with hard defense. This time I opted for 4-1-4-1 which in all of my CM/FM carer proved to be the "best" tactic. Now in my second season I am fighting for promotion and am satisfied with the flow of the game (well most of the games that is, because I am still having problems against much better sides)....there are parts of the tactic that I am now satisfied jet, but thats why I am here for. The goal of the tactic is to be great defensive and somewhat good at using the chances upfront. Most important players are SC, two MC's and FB/WB. TACTIC STATS If anyone has time and will to try it out and see what can be upgraded I would be very grateful. Maybe you will find it out perfect for your side LINK
  8. www2

    Key vs. Commentary

    I have stated this years ago....I am 100% sure I win games more easily when I set to commentary only......
  9. Hes been imense for Croatia since his first cap.....
  10. No he isnt...he's been performing at the highest level for some years now....getting a couple of players of the year in Leauge
  11. www2


    In my book he was always the perfect finisher/poacher just like with Pipo Inzaghi or maybe Jardel (although he was more profilic than the two, I just always thought of him like that) or even RvN...you can probably count with fingers on one hand how many goals all of the scored outside of the box.... ...so to summarise it...in my book GREAT striker
  12. Yeah I know ...just had to say it