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  1. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    Whoah that has taken me completely off guard. I used to speak to him on MSN and constantly berate him at poker because he had more poker software windows running than tables. Very helpful chap and did a good job of looking out for my infractions on OTF even though I spent a period trying to get banned. 44?
  2. *official* 2008 us election thread

    wp America \o/
  3. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    Well I don't have a clue why he'd be a target unless Walter is continuing to focus on players who play well against us. He'd probably end up being Alan Gow's replacement.
  4. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    He looked pretty useful against us in the CIS Cup Final but then so did most players that day. Where have you heard that rumour?
  5. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    I can't say I've seen or recall Velicka play a game when he was at Hearts but I did notice that he chipped in with a decent goal return. What kind of striker is he?
  6. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    You've forgotten Lafferty You'd think we'd be using our exposure in Europe last season to set our sights higher than this. I'm just holding out on the point somebody mentioned about Walter being 'on holiday'. We didn't have anything to be really excited about last season until a hectic mid-August. There's plenty of time to speculate, moan and keep our fingers crossed that Walter has his fingers in a few other pies. Talented pies.
  7. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    I would welcome Miller with open arms if we resigned Gio and Gattuso. Has Gio ever had the question asked of him in an interview?
  8. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    I still love Gio :**)
  9. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    Awesome... I would hesitate to say that I rate Shittu a pretty solid player. Whenever I've seen him, he's been fairly competent and doesn't mess about at the back. Harewood is another player who isn't an exciting signing whatsoever on paper but one who could run riot in the SPL should he hit a run of form. Mind you, I think I said something similar about Franny Jeffers.
  10. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    David Edgar did well to be diplomatic about the Miller debate on Reporting Scotland. I'd cream myself if we signed Faddy. I really would. I'd like to say the same about Maloney but doesn't he have a recurring injury problem? I could be terribly mistaken but he doesn't seem to manage to play 2/3 of a season. Have we been linked to any centre backs other than Danny Shittu?
  11. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    Put a smile on my face However, I doubt Walter will want to give up his 'muscle'. Lee has to rank as one of the most frustrating players to put on the jersey. All he ever does is lumber about looking for the next player to foul. It still angers me that a friend of mine thinks I should like him after thinking he looked good for Wigan. I'll be more open to the idea of tolerating the Miller deal if he takes a significant pay cut. However, I can't see that happening to be honest. He must enjoy a challenge if he's desperate to come back and face the wratth of the fans?
  12. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    I should make clear that I'm not one to wish Smith be sacked for signing one player without giving them a chance. He's certainly taking a gamble going against the fans on this one but, sure, if it pays off then it would ne no surprise if people start having selective memories of Miller. I was having a discussiong with a friend the other day about Kris Boyd's participation this season which eventually ended up with the idea that Miller/Boyd upfront could be very complementary. Time will tell on that one if Miller resigns. As for money talks, of course it does but that would only anger me more if we had a shambles like Miller on high wages at the club. Nice stats matty My flatmate should enjoy the goals/minute.
  13. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    I can't see how Smith can justify signing Miller whatsoever. Even more amazing would be how Miller can risk signing for Rangers knowing the vast majority of the fans would be sharpening their knives for the guy. I'm still weighing up just how to react if we manage to resign the one player whom I genuinely hate. As pathetic as that sounds.
  14. The Rangers FC Thread - Season 07/08

    Pretty shitty week really.