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  1. I've been using this for four* matches, changed mid season, starting from the red arrow. *Ignore the stupid Feb friendly, but zero goals conceded in four games having previously conceding 13 in 7 is very welcome. (5th season with Wednesday. Most names are newgens) Thank you!
  2. Yeah, I understand that you don't want a tactic to be pigeon holed to a specific set of players and/or skills - which are not transferable from say Newcastle to Watford. But if the purpose is to make a tactic which performs best vs the ME and you have a players like Salah that can play very well at seemingly any advanced role, at what point does he and others like him 'break' the tactic's universal capabilities? So, quickly looking through the tactics posted above; Holy Ghost Fire asymmetric: Salah playing as pressing forward to the right; 54 goals, 7 assists. Holy Ghost Fire 4-2-3-1: Salah Playing as right winger attack; 30 goals, 41 assists. Kashmir RMD; Salah playing as right RMD attack; 26 goals, 35 assists. If it doesn't matter where someone like Salah plays and you will still get 61+ direct goal contributions, doesn't that discredit the tactical set up/positions/roles as that player is overwhelmingly good? Outside of maybe 3/4 teams, you're not going to have a player this good and be able to carry you to 61+ goals. Surley to make it universal and transferable you need to know the positions/roles still work with lesser commodities? Also I see VVD has got 16+ goals in each of those tactics. I'm not saying that set pieces aren't a part of the game or part of a tactic, but that level of, dare I say exploit, it again harms the true ability of the tactic as a stand alone weapon against the ME? Don't we want the tactic to be the best, first and foremost, and then add the META/OP/exploit options on top to essentially supersize it? Rather than bloat the tactic with META/OP/exploit options so that we don't know the true value of the tactic in the first place? -Again, I apologise if I'm speaking out of turn or appear to be rude, passive aggressive or what have you. I love the game and I want to improve my own learning and interactions within it. And that can only be done by understanding the raw data and the processes. I have used a number of your tactics this season, and for that I am grateful, sadly I haven't been able to stick with any of them long term as the results are not nearly as good as with the Liverpool SS. I've found it hard to get 16 goals out a forward let alone a centreback.
  3. I think the routine needs to be saved as part of the tactic. The game doesn't pick up stand alone routines... unless I'm doing something very wrong?!
  4. I cannot seem to load the setpieces. (throw ins and/or corners). Does the base formation need to match those of the setpieces and visa-versa?
  5. I'm not having a go at Knap, it's just so many of these tactics are now same-same but different, it's as though almost any tactic could be used with Liverpool and get results. In most screenshots Salah is smashing goals and assists, regardless of his position. I understand you don't want there to be too many variables (ie changing teams too often), but at what point do you accept that almost any tactic will probably work with Liverpool, and therefore it's probably not a good basis for tactical creation? If this is not the place for hypothetical discussions then I apologise and will leave it alone.
  6. With so many tactics being churned out with successful Liverpool saves, isn't it more likely that Liverpool are* just savagely OP?
  7. Which discord do you guys use? I tried a link before, but it didn’t invite me to new server, just took me to my landing screen.
  8. 2-0 vs Leicester (18th), 5-1 @ Brentford (12th) & 5-1 vs Fulham (17th). Much more coherent play so far even with the tactic only at around 66-75% familiarity. Thank you, might have saved the season! :-D
  9. I'm struggling 3rd season, now in the prem. Got spanked 10-2 by Spurs first game, and have been really up and down since: We struggled vs Newcastle in a 0-1, then were delightful vs Chelsea in a 4-2 (was 4-0 until 85th or something). We had much more/better stats vs Saints, 4ccc vs 1 or something and then I sent the reserves out i the EFL. I find the wingers are almost useless in games. They rarely attempt crosses, and when they do they usually just blast the ball into the defender which often rebounds perfectly all the back to the opposition forward his is offside and they score, because well, the AI rarely misses a 1-vs-1. I am not too disheartened as we brought in essentially a new starting XI except the GK, who is not up to prem standard, but the wild inconsistency is the issue for me. I wouldn't be happy to lose each game 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, but when you can put performances together one week and then are just abysmal the next week. I am worried that unless the forwards are OP for the division (as Kean & Campana were in the Championship) that the tactic maybe isn't strong enough to maintain a positive PPG %. I don't want to get into the spiral of trying to chase results with minor tactical tweaks and changes, and I've moulded the team around these positions, so my options are few at the moment. IMO there seems to be major weaknesses in the midfield, and it was also true while smashing teams in the Champ, except there it was perhaps covered up by two OP forwards and some really good loan signings. In the prem, we are often outclassed by very average teams (WBA, Newcastle, Southampton etc). I am wary attempting to learn a new tactic midseason, but I think I will look to see if there is one which will suit the players available better.
  10. 20.4.1Fire and WaterVol24312P101EC Second season with this tactic, first season I switched too late and lost in the playoffs. Made some shrewd signings and some excellent loans (Kean, Campana, Alvarez, Roberts, Jones). Thanks @knap
  11. I still cannot get close a working tactic in Fantasy draft. :-( I cannot work this out for the life of me.
  12. Personally I would say most of these tactics are going to work. BUT... you will need to give it some time, when you select your first choice XI, what does the familiarity bar say at the top of the tactics screen? Are your players a good fit for the formation/tactic you wish to use, I don't just mean Player A can play as an ML winger (for example), does he have the necessary attributes to be successful vs traditionally defensive and tactical league like Serie A. Also, bear in mind, I think a lot of people here use instant results rather than playing matches, games don't seem to play out in the same way doing that. Good luck, be patient and remember, with FM, often the more you put in, the more you get out.
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