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  1. Loved this tac on 07, brought my forest to the epl. The target/fast combo was great and it is a real shame that it doesn't work in 08. Why would a tactic not work a year after? The game is supposed to be realistic. Keep up the good work and lets all try to tweak this tac for 08.
  2. oh, and for those struggling to get a decent TM in lower leagues (wrong topic, i know) Mika Aaritalo from TPS finland got him for 14K now worth 2.4M and topscorer.
  3. to the dj in the kuip: go to tactics, then edit, import and the tactic should be there, klick it and click import. then it should be in your archived tactics section. to Fuss: great work lad, my Forest team were struggling firts half of the season, but with your V4: took the title and we are 2nd in de championship halfway second season, had to tweak here and there to adjust for my players, but as a template tactic its doing fine for me. so thanks for the work.
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