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  1. How often does the Salary Cap go up? I know it raises after the first year but does it increase every couple of years as well?
  2. For some reason Nashville is displaying as Chivas USA for me. Looked in the file and it is set as Nashville. Not sure what's up with that.
  3. Is anyone having problems with the Champion's League not scheduling in 2018?
  4. How do the Club reps improve over time? Does the American Premier League get to the point that it can compete against the big clubs in Europe?
  5. I'm new with regards to editing. I've done a little to know my way around the editor, but I'm looking to you gurus out there to get better. What tools do you guys use to help you making edits? I have heard some use excel to modify the xml files to batch create teams and such. Any others?
  6. Nothing but problems downloading the new file. Mediafire is slow and keeps failing. Sadface. Looks like I'm not meant to start a new save tonight.
  7. Ahh, I figured maybe I was just too fast with my downloading. lol
  8. Having problems with the CWC file. Get this error message when I have it selected. http://imageshack.com/a/img538/6668/TTqRrB.jpg I have the correct MLS file selected when I get this.
  9. Damn just started a game on .9 simmed 5 years in last night. I knew I should have checked here first. Time to make my beloved D.C. United champions of the world.
  10. When it gets to be that time, I'll gladly help get the real team logos in a pack so we at least have them.
  11. This site has a lot of great info about lower level teams in the USA http://int.soccerway.com/competitions/?ICID=TN_02 Has current rosters and stadium info.
  12. I noticed one thing the other night. I was playing the Championship game, winner of MLSP and Mexican league, and the name did not display. This could be due to the skin I was using as I have seen that happen before. IE "DC United won in ." But just something to look at. Also I'd be happy to help with any research. So far I love this mod. It has taken over as my favorite US league mod. EDIT: One thing I would love is some more rivalry cups. Both real ones and some new ones. There was a mod a while back that had tons of rivalry cups that included all teams. The Atlantic Cup had DC and NYRB, but there was an Old Dominion Cup that had all the Virginia based teams. Just something to think about. Or could expand the normal cups to include more teams. I think it makes the "history" of the USA so much cooler.
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