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  1. I have not been able to get much success so far in FM16. I have tried many formations with a similar style and have had mixed results. In FM15 I created a tactic that was amazing almost flawless but I haven't had much luck in FM16. I wanted to try out the Create-A-Club mode so I did and it is really great. The first half of the season was abysmal I stuck mainly with the 4-1-2-3 but it was not getting the desired results 3W 4D 13L. After I was given a points target from the board (and I refuse to be sacked by the club I created hahaha) I changed it up a bit choosing a formation I have long wanted to make a really good version of but have never had the capability. The 4-2-2-2. The Team instructions never changed. I was going for a patient possession style and I got it. We had the 3rd best possession in the league. The change in formation propelled us to 11 victories in our last 18 games and we flew up to 11th. But most of our wins were very narrow and I decided for the next season I would try and create a style that is direct and shifts the ball from back to front very quickly. That is where I am at at the moment I would love to know what roles and instructions would be best to make this an effective tactic. My thoughts on the instructions were Higher Tempo, Pass into Space, Play out of Defence and Work Ball into Box. With a standard mentality and a Highly Structured team shape. Thank you for any suggestions in advance.
  2. Thanks I will try that, and I did put the instructions at the bottom of the post.
  3. I m playing as Newcastle and I want to play counter attacking style and I have done quite well so far 3rd in January but I'm on a bad run and change is needed and I want to play counter attacking style. Would be great if I could get some advice, thanks in advance. Sorry about the lack of screenshots I am currently on mobile. Current formation with roles: 442 Diamond Narrow Defensive Very Structured GK RB/LB(WB/S) CB/CB(CD/D) DM(Half Back) MCR(Box To Box) MCL(Roaming Playmaker) AMC(AP/S) STCL(AF) STCR(DLF/S) Current Instructions: More Direct Passing Pass into Space Run At Defense Much Deeper Defensive Line Exploit The Middle Stay On Feet
  4. Is there a way to have a transfer spend cap? I know you can have a wage cap but I would I like to have a transfer spend cap and was wondering if there was a way to do it.
  5. I was wondering if anybody knew of a custom database that makes the World Cup playable at the beginning of the game, I know there is one for FM14 and I would love to know if there is one for FM13. If not I am open to suggestions about how I could make one myself. Thanks in advance.
  6. I need some help making a defensive tactic that does not sacrifice my attacking play too much. I have attempted myself and have had a couple of okay seasons but I feel I could do better and need some help to progress my tactic. I can add more screenshots if they are helpful. This is essentially the tactic I played in my second season, but with AMs instead of IFs. The shouts I use are 'Play Narrower', 'Drop deeper', 'Work Ball Into Box' and 'Retain Possession' I do have some player instructions but they are just the Run With Ball and Run With Ball from Deep lowered on my AMs: Season 2 (2026/27) Fixtures and Results: Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. If a PS Vita version of FMH was released could it possibly be as detailed as the pc version and if so could there be a feature where you could transfer saves between. For when you commuting or travel without having to carry a laptop everywhere. I think that would be pretty awesome but only if it was possible
  8. I don't know if this has been suggested but I had an idea for a better regen system, currently the quality of regens is determined by the national youth rating, and I thought that it would be better and make for a more interesting game if the stat was dynamic like the reputation system. For example, currently the nations such as France, Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy and England produce the best player just like in real life but what currently happens is boring, if you manage a team in Hungary for example, you have led them to huge success, the league has the best reputation, all of your youth facilities, junior coaching and youth recruitment are at max, you still struggle to find wonderkids in your youth team when intake day arrives. I think that all of these things should factor in the national youth rating improving or declining and It could be rated with the stars like league reputation and player ability, so that you can produce the best you can but of course the whole league would have to be doing well in these areas to improve. Otherwise the top teams will always stay top. It would be interesting if you could have Faroe Island superstars and then they would be able to compete in top international competitions. Also, I have seen it mentioned before but, having academies and seeing the players develop would be interesting. Just thought it would make the game more interesting
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