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  1. Hey guys! I've been playing this game for about 10 hours now and I really like it. However there are two things that annoy me 1. Whenever I am in a match and would like to substitute a player from my bench (per drag and drop), it lags really hard (don't know if that's normal, I have an iPhone 4). I have to wait for like 30-45 seconds; same goes for touching the "View" option in the same menu. 2. Is there an option to add a fulltime 2d match? Because when there's just a commentary, in my opinion it looks like there are just random comments, which doesn't really interact with the game -> because important things are happening on the 2d mode, so you can tell whenever there's just a commentary it's really nothing special. (not a goal or a card) EDIT: I also close every other app on the multitask bar before I'm playing FM 2012 EDIT 2: Oops never mind I haven't installed the latest updates Thanks for reading this!