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  1. Condition draining issue in every match..

    I understand now..so that is why there is recomendded role and prefered role. where recomendded role probably been suggested by the coaches to suit the player's current ability. thanks for clearing that up. And to be more realistic..even a very young player with 20 stamina will be likely to exhaust faster than more mature player..right? One more thing..is the retrain position of the player mechanism is same with the pc fm2012 one? I mean if a player do not have aptitude to train in the new position..is it if we keep played him in that position, the player will eventually acommplished that new position? And for the latest update I would like more roles to be embedded into the game if possible. like trequista and anchorman roles. Anyway u guys have develop a great game.. thanks.
  2. Condition draining issue in every match..

    Ok, I'll try to extract my save file later.. Oh I understand that some roles are more stamina consuming then others.. But is it true that if the player plays in his prefered role, he will perform better in term of stamina consuming and performance?
  3. I dont understand well enough.. I just bought a promising young player who can play in AMC and CM role..with advance playmaker prefered role.. but the dissapointing part us I cannot played him full 90 minutes.. Eventhough he got 17 rating stamina. My uruguayan Ramirez only got 16 stamina rating and he can played the whole season full 90 minutes.. except if he succumb into injury.. can you shed this thing up? if you require my save file just let me know.. thanks