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  1. hmmm seems like Steam installs the update on startup, I have no chance avoiding the update?
  2. Hey Enforcer122, patience is a good thing, but I work with business critical software, and if my customers where to wait 12+ hours for an update (for their app to launch), heads would roll But true, patience is a good thing. I would love a quickfix though, a little hack/workaround that would help our addictive lost souls :-D
  3. Been loyal to this game since Amiga, down with lung disease, wife and kids shipped of to mother in law, have time to enjoy FM2012 for the first time. Step up, at least provide us with a quick fix. I know it is quite a task to ask Steam to provide an update to solve this issue, but there MUST be a workaround!?!?! My info: MAC OS X, 10.6.8 Football manager 2012 Latest Steam update Any news before you leave for weekend !??!?! Any estimates on when this is solved? Are we wasting our time hoping this will be solved today??