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  1. Halleluja halleluja ! Ok Thanks for your support ^_^
  2. Precisely. Try simply to close-reopen steam ?
  3. The overheating problems seems similar to those experienced while using wine or other wrappers to rum Windows games on mac. Well i hope that Steam will solve this and that my laptop will not melt meanwhile
  4. Just open steam and select "check for updates". For me this worked. activity monitor says that steam is using 66% of my CPU and FM 130%. Wow could it be overclocking ? This could be a big problem...overheating is really bad for our batteries
  5. Problem solved after the new update. One day down....bad....but accetable Now the problem is that the game seems to be much more CPU demanding, overheating my poor laptop. What's up ?
  6. I think not. If you have the issue, you've already downloaded the "Update" so you have to wait for Steam to solve the proble (Maybe they call the society "steam" because they only have steam age technology and this will explain something...) The only way to avoid this problem is to avoid shutting down steam BEFORE the update is done, but if you're reading this post it's because you already have the issue. sadly 219 angry player browsing this Thread...
  7. 211 users browsing this post. At least we're not alone in our suffering for this issue ^_^
  8. i REALLY hope that those issues will not have any effect on my saved games...
  9. A question to someone that has steam and some other game (i just have fm2012 on steam). The issue is present also with other games ?
  10. Yea of course. Sorry for that. I'm just a bit pissed off for the problem. Just keep us updated about steam responses. Seems that the issue is hitting all mac users (as i am)
  11. Lol i wish that steam "problem solving team" is fast to resolve this isuue as the moderator team here is in deleting complain posts