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  1. #Jorgen yes they are still there. #Zpice I have just checked it works fine here - here is the link again: Press Here
  2. Thanks Scotty - I will look into that aswell, though that will have to wait a little while.
  3. Going along nicely - should be ready with beta v0.2 by this weekend
  4. Good idea :-) I dont know how it will work with more people working on the same database the id numbers wont match together - but it is possible to split some tasks up and ofcouse share knowledge.
  5. Good afternoon all - if any of you is willing to test a little while im improving the database let me know (Skype Silentproguld) My previous tester havent been on a while. Among other things I need to test if I have made mistakes or somethings out of place - so its preferable if the person has some good knowledge about past players. /Michal
  6. Simulated Euro Championship - Seems like Müller works just fine
  7. I am running a few simulations today - primarily I am testing goalkeepers but I stumbled upon awards from South America
  8. Havent even played much yet - already started on beta v0.2 Maybe I will try to play a little tonight to test a little.
  9. First Beta release is expected tommorow /Michal
  10. Glad you like it Bealesy is doing our pictures for the pack so credit to him.
  11. A small Picture for today - And I expect first release to come in this weekend
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