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  1. This is like cheating Absolutely great. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Working good. Won the DFB-Cup since. But sometimes struggle with scoring the high amount of chances created. Don't really know why. Are my Player so inconsistent or the Opponents sometimes "crack" the tactic and then there are about 4 games, where they really struggle and then suddenly rip the next with 6:4 or somethin like that. Sometimes i'm really confused. Parking Bus (5-4-1) Opponents are also hard to play against. They get one Counter and you lose 0:1. Against 4-4-2 its a bit random, sometimes fine sometimes really hard. Just my little input, if it matters to you. Big tha
  3. Same here Tried the last two days for a half season. Dropped from P3 into Relegation Region. Would also like to test a 4231 as underdog.
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