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  1. For me, the public beta is an improvement. I've told my players to play short passing game and that is what they tend to do. I'm seeing more variety of play, nice passing moves around and in the area, occasional well placed through balls that look great to me. All in all, very happy with this version. I'm playing in VNS fwiw.
  2. It's OK - I found I didn't have responsibility for creating assignments. I do now!
  3. Hi, Silly question but how do I assign a scout to look for a type of player I'm interested in, say, a right midfielder? Come to that, how do I assign them anything?! I'm sure I am missing something obvious but I don't see any way I can tell a scout 'go find a player for me'.
  4. I did this yesterday. Just install fm 19. When you load game, browse to the same location but in the demo folder, to get your game. Then save it in the usual folder.
  5. Hi, I have been Celtic in SPL for a few seasons (on FM12). I've noticed that my reserve squad aren't playing any reserve matches, just the occasional friendly. Have I somehow opted out of reserve matches? I don't get an invite at the start of the season so perhaps there just isn't a reserve league in Scotland?
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