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  1. Ban analogies? That's like saying....no,wait ...
  2. Hi, I have been Celtic in SPL for a few seasons (on FM12). I've noticed that my reserve squad aren't playing any reserve matches, just the occasional friendly. Have I somehow opted out of reserve matches? I don't get an invite at the start of the season so perhaps there just isn't a reserve league in Scotland?
  3. Just to add, I'm sure it used to be that FM could be started via the command line and it allowed different parameters to be set. Perhaps somebody here can recall how to force a particular resolution to take effect? I'm that if you can start FM once then you can change the preferences to your resolution for the future. Took so long with my post, it's already answered!
  4. Hi, I admit it; I'm struggling to understand what I can/should do to make use of the asst manager feedback that I get in-game. It's the tactical ones that I have trouble with: - x acts as if he is used to playing at a higher tempo than asked to today - x looks like he is used to playing a more direct game than asked to today - it looks like y is used to closing down opponents more often than asked to today Take that third example. If I play the same tactic, all the time, why is he 'used' to doing something different to what my tactic tells him to? In any case, if I agree with the ass man, I can tell him to close down more often via the player instructions - is that all there is to it? But then, that first example - I can't tell one player to play at a higher tempo as that is something that is controlled by the team instructions. So, I could push up his mentality maybe, or perhaps increase his creativity and he'll then be free to do what he is 'used to' doing? I don't want the game to be as simple as "if this happens then click that to correct it" but I really just don't understand what these pieces of advice are hinting at; that I should change the team approach to suit him? That I should change that players instructions? That I should change his training to make him play as my tactics are telling him to? A combination of all of this and more? Has anyone got any insight in to this?
  5. pitch condition

    Whatever 'area' different people are discussing is surely irrelevant. The point being made was that Liverpool and Manchester are close enough together to be likely to experience similar weather conditions, that's all.
  6. Omginterviewlol

    Nice idea but I think the basic gameplay would suffer - you've worked your way up the league and get the chance to apply for your favourite EPL job and then blow it inthe interview? Might work for some but I think plenty would be frustrated by it - you get the sack/resign at a lower league club. It's sometimes hard enough to find empoyment as it is, I can't see it being much fun having to extend your search for a job even longer cos you mess up the interview for the few that do come along!
  7. Ah, well, again I find myself disagreeing with you! Of course, we're all entitled to our opinions but I picture this being something that I would use by default almost, even playing on 'full' as I do. I simply see it as a way of expressing the hours that you have previously spent trying to cram some tactical awareness into your playes heads, so they will react in a certain way without you having to tell them to. That'd be great to see, no matter how you play the game, in my opinion. I do take your point though - and I have to say I like the *idea* of it, perhaps in reality it may become irritating if the playing style changes and I didn't expect it to at that point.
  8. For what it's worth, I didn't find crouchaldino's post to be rubbish, too long, or flawed :-) I do disagree, though - it's sounds like a great idea to me, to have an established 'game plan' that the players will put into practice in given situations but with the ability to override them when said game plan is not quite working out.
  9. I'll be continuing with my current save where I resigned from Walsall and then accidentally accepted the job offer from Droylesden in BSN. It was only after I had holidayed (waiting for job offers) for about two more months that I realised I had accepted the offer! In that time, Droylesden had maintained their lead at the top of the table, so I decided to sit out the last two games of the season as well. We were promoted and I have received all sorts of accolades for my sterling work as manager there!! Tbh, I'm frightened to 'take the reins' now, in case it all falls apart with me actually making the decisions...
  10. In this particular scenario though, I'd say it was right that the defender got a high rating. No matter that he had a bad game, two goals can't be ignored and makes up for, even surpasses, his overall play?
  11. The 'Perfect' All Nighter

    Ah...memories. I can't pull all-nighters anymore but me and my mate used to look forward to them all the time....background music, pop out for a chinese takeaway, plenty of tea/coffee and regular stops for toast where we'd discuss our various (under) achievements waiting by the grill....
  12. Yeah, it does, thanks. Although when you say you put the team mentality to the far left...if you are using your defensive system then the mentality is already set for everybody at an indivudal level and therefore overrides the team mentality doesn't it? Sorry, if I'm not quite getting it...do you mean that you would then 'untick' all the individual mentality settings so that the players all followed the ultra-defensive team mentality?
  13. Crouchaldinho - first of all, thanks for the guide. Can't say I have read through the whole thread yet but, it's early days for me and I'm finding that my team seems to play much more like a team(!) following some of these basic principles. A question though - I have found myself in the position of just wanting to play 'a bit more attacking/defensive' during the last ten mins or so of a game. I guess I can't just set the mentaility a couple of notches up or down as there are individual player instructions that will always override this. So, what do you do just to tweak, to be a little bit more attacking or defensive, or is that too vague a way of putting it?
  14. Yeah, this is interesting. Did you manage to do any checking of stats between years 1 and 20? So, would you have any idea of whether these changes occur gradually over 20 years or whether they fluctuate all over the place in between?