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  1. Battery drains really fast

    I created this thread a couple of weeks ago..Just an update regarding the battery problem with the new 3.4a update. The new battery life optimisations seem to have addressed some of the problems. My galaxy nexus does not seem to get as hot as it did near the camera area. I played for about 20 mins and it used approximately 7-8% of battery. FMH 2012 is sitting at 38% and the screen is second at 32%. I'm not sure if this is supposed to be normal with this game, but nonetheless I'm happy with it at the moment. Other than that, I am loving the new HD skin, it looks marvellous on a 4.65' display! Keep up the good work.
  2. Battery drains really fast

    An update: Even on my brightness on the lowest setting, the app still significantly drains my battery. The phone itself heats up a lot, confined to the cpu area.
  3. Battery drains really fast

    FMH is currently on 27%, 2nd on the list and screen is on 30%. However, if I play it for longer it does go number 1 at around 30-40%. I have auto-brightness on, but I will manually lower it to see if I get any better results. Thanks for the prompt replies!
  4. Battery drains really fast

    Thanks. I'm using a samsung galaxy nexus on 4.0.1. I hope it isn't my device :/ Also, unrelated..I'm from Melbourne, Australia
  5. I'm not sure if its been posted before but I'm running FMH 2012 on a galaxy nexus and the game significantly drains my batteries life. A sitting of 15-20 minutes will use at least 20-30%. In addition the phone gets really really hot. I hope this is just a bug and will get addressed soon.