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  1. FMH 2012 unable to start

    That worked a treat, thanks Marc
  2. FMH 2012 unable to start

    The screen just turns black and then returns to my home screen. The application is not loading at all
  3. FMH 2012 unable to start

    Android 3.2. No everything is standard
  4. FMH 2012 unable to start

    I was playing fm earlier left to room for two minutes only to return and find that the game had exited by itself and now won't load at all even after a reboot of my device and a reinstall.. Any ideas guys? I have a Samsung galaxy 10.1 tab btw
  5. agree with above, loaning out never works for me. Play him in carling cup games and early rounds of fa cup, champions lge/uefa cup where possible alongside regular substitute roles in pl games (more than 15 mins). Start him in games against weaker prem opposition. Also be patient, dont expect them to be the best player in the world at 19, Feghouli didnt blossom for me till he was 21 and now he's one of the best players in the game
  6. FM2010 announcement

    looks fantastic :-)
  7. im in - Hangover Harps, go on ye daisy
  8. ttt this thread shouldnt drop off the first page of the forum! We must prevail!
  9. sign me up not voting for any of those flags, waitin for a better one to be made (no offence)
  10. Football Manager survey

    Sex of gamer – male Age of gamer: 22 Nationality of gamer:Irish Amount of hours spent playing Football Manager per week:around 15 hours a week Experience of playing football management simulations (in years):7-8 years Occupation – student Game analysis Score = 1 – 10 (1 = awful, 5 = average and 10 = excellent) Tactics – all aspects of the tactical system including sliders, formations, etc Score = 7 Transfer system – buying and selling, loaning, co-ownership, contracts, clauses, etc Score = 8 Training – coaches, schedules, current and potential abilities, etc Score = 7 Squad harmony – squad rotation, team performance, player’s status, morale, etc Score = 8 Finances – stadium expansion, player’s wages, prize money, stadium/training facilities/youth system upgrading Score = 7 Player interaction – keeping players happy, different training regimes, tutoring, etc Score = 6 Board interaction – finances, team performance, transfer policy, etc Score = 4 Difficulty – ability to play game based on a casual, everyday user Score = 7 Interface – navigation around the game screens, ability to find/alter options, etc Score = 8 3D match engine – useful for displaying tactics during a match, scouting players, etc Score = 7 Preferences analysis (Note: one career can be defined as one game save, managing one/multiple clubs/nations) Nationality of team currently managed:english Nationality of teams managed in the past: english, spanish, italian, irish, german, netherlands Number of domestic league titles won in one career:3-5 Number of domestic cup titles won in one career:10+ Number of European/world titles won in one career: around 4-5 Nation currently managed:nigeria Nations managed in the past: Uruguay & Ireland International titles won in one career: none Match viewing preferred – None Type of viewing preferred – none Game speed preferred –fastest Level of play – quite a bit (tactical tweaking, complex training schedules, comprehensive scouting, team talks, budget analysis) Football simulation preferred: Football Manager 2009
  11. SI should copy Guardian Chalkboards

    Quality feature, berbatov only misplaced a pass once v Everton! Good to be able to see Carrick's range of passing also. Would be a good addition
  12. Preferred Player Moves

    good thread, i think its only usefull to ask youngsters to learn ppms, kerrison and marquinhos have learn to place shots for me while acosta has learned to dribble down rw. would be usefull if we had a breakdown of what level stats are most important for each ppm. i.e. Tries Killer Balls Often Passing 17 Creativity 17 etc.