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  1. Cant install

    Hi. It works for me to. Thanks for your help. Really nice game. I like playing this version, because its not so much parameters you have to think about. Pick a team, buy&sell players and then just play the game. And it reminds me of playing the early versions of CM. I have played your games since you released the first version of Championship Manager in 1993. Its absolutely the best game series ever.
  2. Cant install

    Hi, thanks for your answer. But I can't download the first of your files. It says "Access denied". Do I need any login to get it?
  3. Cant install

    I've got a HTC Desire and just downloaded FMH 2012 and installed from Google Play store. When I opened the game for the first time I've got this message "The device does not have enough free space avaible at present for Football Manager Handheld to fully install (0MB free)". But I've got 254MB free space on the sd-card and 35MB free internal memory. Please help me.