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  1. Hi guys, Hoping for some guidance. I'm about halfway through my first season at Arsenal in FM20. This is my first FM since FM17 so a bit of an adjustment with the new mentoring system (which I do like as the old one in retrospect was pretty OP). With Arsenal however, in setting up mentoring groups and seeing the most influential players in the squad I've noticed that there is an abundance of players with undesirable personalities, undesirable traits, or undesirable hidden attributes. I like to focus on youth and therefore I'm hoping to get some more positive role models in the side
  2. Hi all, I’ve been a long time reader of this forum and looking to get more involved in tactical discussions. In doing reading on the forum I’ve managed to get a lot greater understanding about tactical settings and how things work and I think I’ve been able to definitely simplify things to understand how it all works. Hoping to have a bit of a discussion here about something I’ve been encountering on one of my saves lately. I’ll give a bit of background first. I’m playing as Leverkusen in a Pentagon save on FM17. I’m abo
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