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  1. Hi all, I’ve been a long time reader of this forum and looking to get more involved in tactical discussions. In doing reading on the forum I’ve managed to get a lot greater understanding about tactical settings and how things work and I think I’ve been able to definitely simplify things to understand how it all works. Hoping to have a bit of a discussion here about something I’ve been encountering on one of my saves lately. I’ll give a bit of background first. I’m playing as Leverkusen in a Pentagon save on FM17. I’m about 10 seasons in so none of my players will be familiar to anyone so will dispense with all the discussions around them unless required. I’m currently working with 3 tactics, all of them designed to play to my strengths or a specific play style: A 4-4-2 narrow diamond to play with my good strikers and talented central midfielders, a flat 4-4-2 with fast wingers, and a defensive 4-1-2-3 (aka 4-5-1 DM) when I’m trying to play a low-risk style of game against strong oppositions. It’s this last tactic that I’ve had trouble using. This is the tactic, and the style of play I’m trying to achieve: In Defence: - Defend with a medium-low block as my defenders are quite quick but good in the air so can cope with a bit of space in behind. Normally I defend on higher mentality tactics with a medium-high block. - Bank of 4 defenders with a CDM screen to have players behind the ball. - Close down a normal for the Defensive mentality; players won’t get pulled out of position and keep their structure. - All midfield trio get involved defensively due to support/defend duties. In Attack: - DLFs drops deep to link midfield when in possession, before moving into box late to become a goalscoring threat - IFa’s are main goalscoring threat, cutting inside onto stronger foot and with strong goalscoring skills (repurposed strikers) - APs pulls strings as the team’s playmaker from midfield strata. - BBM moves between lines to support midfield and attackers - FBs’s overlap a bit, but not too much to be caught out on the counter attack I’m one of the better teams in the league having finished 2nd last season and 3rd the season before, and there’s about a group of 5-6 of us who are on about the same level. I only tend to use this tactic in away games against the bigger sides, but find that they tend to flatten me. I’ll admit I haven’t done an in-depth analysis on specific games as some of the folks on the forum do, mostly because of time constraints in my normal life. But anecdotally I tend to concede multiple goals, have fewer attacking chances, and have lower possession in a tactic that is designed to be reasonably cautious and with a formation designed for defensive stability. Some of this I put down to the top-level regens in this game often being a bit stronger than players at the start of the game (Schalke’s striker is probably the best striker I’ve ever seen in FM), as well as playing against strong teams on their home turf. But it’s not because these teams are better than mine on the whole; last season I lost 4-0 away to Dortmund (eventual champions) using the 4-5-1 DM in the league and then later in the week beat them 8-3 at home in the cup (they scored 2 consolation goals) when we both used identical players and my only change was to my more comfortable narrow 4-4-2 diamond. But in general has anyone had similar issues using lower mentality tactics? I’m fully aware that the tactic is not going to be one to blow teams away but in using it I’m trying to be a good, compact defensive side but end up being hammered in most of these games I might play a few more games with it over the next few days (coming into a new season on the save) against some lower class teams and see how it goes and post my results. If anyone has any advice or discussion about this that would be great as well. TL;DR: I’ve tried to build a tactic that is defensively sound, but find myself getting beaten easily by similar strength teams with less possession and more opposition chances. Wanting to see if anyone has had the same issue and have a discussion about it.
  2. Okay... don't know why the picture didn't post. But basically here's the link to his pic on Photobucket http://s1260.photobucket.com/albums/ii574/kirby91090/. He's got passing, dribbling, crossing, finishing rated at 11-14, 10 first touch, and good enough attacking mentals other than flair.
  3. So I'm currently playing an Inter save on FM11, and I managed to get a hold of this regen centre back a few years in for only 1.7mill pounds! My problem is I'm looking for him to play the sort of role that Thomas Vermaelen does for Arsenal, where in defence he does his job and does it well, but in attack, he pushes up and overlaps into the box. This is mainly because of his good attacking stats which I'm hoping to develop as he's still only 20. My formation is a 4-3-2-1, with 4 defenders, a DM, 2 CMs, 2 wingers, and a lone striker. Now in trying to get him to be an attacking CB, I've tried basically everything I can think of. This has inlcuded: Putting his and the team's mentality to full attacking Switching between zonal and man marking to see if one of these gives him more freedom Setting him to "Roam from position" Giving him full creative freedom "Run from Deep" to full Very Fluid team structure More roaming team structure Having defensive line at very high Very slow and very fast tempo Having him on swap position instructions with my DM (didn't like this because my Yann M'Vila in my DM role doesn't do a lot of attacking work in the first place) Having my midfielders hold up ball in the hopes that he'll overlap them These are just a few of the things I've tried often in combination with each other. I've been lucky because I've had a strong enough team to maintain wins even through tactical experimentation, but nothing seems to have worked in pushing Paulo Cesar up enough to get him involved in attack. I've measured this not only through what I see him doing in the game, but also through checking his average position at the end of the game, which hasn't been very different from my other CB, who's on standard defensive instructions. About the only thing I haven't managed to experiment with is the "Gets forward whenever possible" PPM because he refuses to learn it. Is there anyone else who's tried this tactical tweak and had success? Or does anyone have any suggestions about anything else I may try?
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