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  1. Are you going to be running a new sign up / challenge for FM2009? I intend to run my Big Euro Nation challenge again this year, hopefully starting it from the off can raise the profile of the challenge. Are you going to be posting your thread as soon as the game is released or wait until a patch has been released? I will probably post it soon after release (However I have no idea when i'll be getting FM09, probably for Christmas).
  2. wow a really refreshing idea there Whoopy D! Sounds absolutely fantastic!
  3. I have my opening post ready now, so just to check, I have the permission of all required to start JoseRR's FM08 Small Club to Big Club From a Big European Nation Challenge now?
  4. Just a note on earlier suggestions - seeing as my Hong Kong Challenge has not really been very popular (And now seems to have died out ), I would be willing to start the suggested Small Club to Big Club From a Big European Nation Challenge if people have got an interest in this idea. (Involving Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Germany and perhaps Greece).
  5. I have a vague idea for an interesting mix of sign-ups and ideas which have been suggested recently. (ObviouslI'd need all the relevant permissions from Birdy and aaberdeenn to start this up, and I won't have time to run this myself (Due to school and exams) however I would be willing to sort out the database then hand it over to someone else to run! The main idea is a mix of Birdy's sign-up (With his permission of course) and aaberdeenn's idea (Again with permission). I would set up a draft style (like in Birdy's thread) but with only premiership (And perhaps one other league - spain or
  6. Would there be much interest in such a challenge, as I could get it started soon if there is?
  7. Having played a little further on, I can at least answer one of my questions regarding competitions for Hong Kong - the Asian World Cup Qualification draw takes place on the 6.8.2007 for the 2010 World Cup - so this is definately a challenge to look into! Any comments/suggestons and interest would be welcome.
  8. Challenge Idea - Hong Kong Double Before I start, having looked into this in game, I cannot seem to find any competitive fixtures for Hong Kong - would this be thae case every time, or do i have to run certain leagues to 'set off' national competitions? Basically, I had a look around and noticed the lack of Asian challenges. I had a look in game, and based on a couple of the successful challenges already running, devised an initial idea for a new task - quite simply to start at "Workable", the lowest predicted club side in Hong Kong's First Division, with only basic training and minimal you
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