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  1. Thanks Aaron, I should've tried that instantly. Game is working as expected now.
  2. Sure thing, I'm at 7% currently, will let you know what happens.
  3. Hello there, As the title suggests FMT 16 keeps crashing on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8 WiFi tablet, whenever I reach the 'Teams are warming up' screen - the screen that shows after the game saves and prepares for the match ahead. I can advance the game via simulation, or instant result but it will then proceed to crash again once I reach the next game and attempt to 'play' that match. The tablet is new, following a Black Friday purchase - inspired by video playback playing up on a heavily used Nexus 7. The tablet does seem to be running well though and I've had no issues of a crash when using any other app. I managed to get the game to crash when attempting to add a profile image to my manager also. I have also sent a couple of crash reports and I'm happy to send more info, if necessary. Otherwise I'll visit my London Lions team on the main FM 16 game, where I'm having a dose of reality in the Premier League following back-to-back promotions. Chris
  4. will this do the job??

    Should work like a dream on that, with no problems, it's the scaled down versions of Windows 8 where it'll have issues. An i5 processor, or even an i7 processor would help, otherwise it's not a bad build for the price. You can't access the in game manual or post to Facebook from the game with Windows 8, but those features are rather redundant anyway.
  5. Game fails to launch

    I am also having this problem on a Windows device, with the error message that the application is already running. FM is apparent in my system processes but the game doesn't show in window form, or in application form. I uninstalled the version I upgraded to from beta and tried a completely fresh install to no avail. If it helps, Steam counts the processes running time as time actually spent playing the game... If only... I don't often use Steam, I did so this time because the ASDA I work at isn't classed as a super store and therefore wasn't getting a physical copy of the game. (or any PC game for that matter)
  6. I'm not a huge fan of challenges as a game mode as they tend to be over after just one season, however I would happily throw some cash to see more clubs and tournaments featured in the game. Oh and longer challenges.