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  1. Kettering Town - Vanarama National League North - 2019/2020 Not sure if I'll stick to updating in here, but thought I'd make a quick post as I do have some questions about managing this low in the leagues. League Table - Tinkered with tactics all season long, finally found a tactic that is super solid defensively and creates loads of chances, but we just can't score. We relied totally on set-piece goals, own goals and scraping home 1-0 wins and somehow we managed to win the league that way. Shoutout to AFC Telford for an all-time great choke. Just have a look at the past positions. FA Trophy / FA Cup - Out early in both, nothing to write home about. Squad - Not the best, but genuinly thought we had gotten together a pretty solid squad, but turns out only our defence works. Lots of work to do offensively. Anyway, I do have some questions for those of you who score goals galore. So the tactic I've found most of my success with looks like this. 9/10 games with it I dominate possession, barely let the opposition into my half (they usually have between 1-4 shots during the whole game, even less on target), my own shots are from decent positions, but my players just will not put the stupid ball in the back of the net. The screenshot of those shots are only from 1 game, but they are very typical for my team. Now I know players at this level are dire and there will probably be more than the usual amount of misses, but I very, very rarely score from something other than stupid rebounds, own goals or set pieces and very rarely do I score more than 1 goal in a game. It just doesn't happen for me. My players get into shooting positions in the box and then either shoot straight at their keeper, their keeper pulls out a worldie and ends the game on 7.5-8.5 rating (regularly - also why does this never happen to mine when he has an incredible game?) or the shot is blocked by a defender. Now, I'm no tactical mastermind at all, so if someone has any feedback to what might be my problem that'd be suuuper appreciated. It's not just a few games this season where my team have played poor offensively and missed loads, it's genuinely every single game and I do not know what to do. I see people scoring over 90+ goals in a season on here, and have players who score 20+ goals or make 10+ assists and I just get so jealous, because I have players that are rated as good enough for the league above, but none of them post numbers that are remotely close to those. My top scorer ended with 14 goals during the entire season, 8(!) of those goals came from 3 games and no one else finished with more than 8. My top assist-maker had 10 (practically all of them from set pieces) and no one else finished with more than 6(!). It's a mindnumbingly boring only ever scraping home 1-0 wins and relying on pure luck to score when I play. I know I won the league, but it took an incredible amount of luck in my last ~10 games and AFC Telford putting up a choke for the ages. Career Overview: Season League Position Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019/20 National League North 1st Promoted Next Season: Survival is the goal, but kinda hoping for a mid-table finish. Was unable to get many of my players for this season to only sign 1-year contracts, so got quite a lot of useless players on the books until 2021 (unless I somehow manage to off-load them, but I doubt it). I do have around £10.000 available for wages next season, and so I might splash some of it on a few key players, but still unsure. Would end up with a stupidly big squad if I went out and signed several more players.
  2. Feels like FM is screwing you over with these youth intakes. Been so long since you had a super talented player come through. Atleast no one can suspect you of reloading to get better youth intakes haha
  3. Find myself constantly checking this thread for updates. Really, really great job, abulezz!
  4. I believe it's been discussed before in this thread, and obviously it's all up to abulezz, but I will say I hope he doesn't do it. If one of his former players become available on a free, I'd be OK with it, but as far as spending money on players (even those from the Kafra academy) I hope he sticks to not allowing himself to pay any transfer fees for players at all.
  5. Been lurking in here for a while, just feel I should comment about how cool this thread is to follow to atleast show some appreciation:applause:. Keep it up!
  6. Only just picked up his first injury for me in October of 2017, will be out for ~3 months, will definitely ease him back into the starting 11 once he's ready. Don't want it to happen again!
  7. Bought for £9M after the first season and he is probably the best player I've had in any FM (non-regen)
  8. What a hilarious start to the season (Apologies for the language in the screenshot, but if you've played this game before you know what the tab below his recent performances means)
  9. Alright, so I'll admit to not having read every single post to see if this issue has come up yet, but since the update I haven't been able to go back and forth using the 2 buttons on the side of my mouse, like in a web browser. It may seem like a very small issue, but not having to move the mouse to the back button etc. and just clicking this little button on the side of my mouse was something that made going through player pages and what not a lot easier and faster. I'm not sure why this feature doesn't seem to exist on my game anymore, but I just really want it back! Spending a lot of time on FM, something seemingly small as this saves a ton of time, so it'd be great if it could go back to the way it was.
  10. In love with Tielemans on this game. Averaging a whopping 8.44 in 20 games so far this season (2016/17) in Serie A, scoring 5 goals and setting up another 10. Checked the "key passes" stat for the league, and he's currently sitting in 1st with 178(!) followed by Memphis Depay (also in my squad) 62. So, so ridiculous. Depay is doing pretty well too with 27 goals and 10 assists in 21 league games, averaging 8.11. Do any of you guys find that the competition from Juventus quickly fades, as they are very harsh on their managers and are not afraid of sacking them? They're currently on their 3rd manager since I started this save, and we're only in January of 2017. I got super lucky in the first season winning the league by 4 points (only because of their poor form towards the end and my team miraculously being able to scrape home draws when I was behind, even very late in the games), but they won the Supercup and Allegri still got the boot immediately after I won the title. Napoli and Roma are doing okay-ish, but aren't really challenging me either, so it's becoming a bit boring. I just hope Juventus will begin gaining some momentum again, because I really shouldn't be leading the league by 11 points after 21 rounds when you look at Juventus' team which still has your Vidal, Pogba, Chiellini, Tevez, Berardi, a 39 year old Buffon with no plans for retirement and the addition of Januzaj (who we all know is a god on FM, even though he really shouldn't be that good)
  11. Just decided that he's not going to play for my team when I get the chance to sign another keeper. He's cost 3 goals in the last 3 games to freekicks that have been placed on the same side as he was already standing. Even though his attributes are pretty good he just isn't performing at all, letting in all these easy saves. Will be interesting to see if the same happens on your save.
  12. How is Scuffet for you? Slowly taking over the goalkeeping role in my AC Milan squad. He started very poorly, costing 2 goals in his first 2 games, but has since become better.
  13. 6 shots on target, 6 goals scored. Would've been fuming had I been your opponent there!
  14. Not just you. I concede stupid amounts of those as well, and just checking on the different posts on the forums, it's quite clear that a lot of other people also have this issue. Hopefully it'll be resolved soon. It's not fair that the opposition can score 3/3 corners fairly often, when I score like 3 in a whole season
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