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  1. Kettering Town - Vanarama National League North - 2019/2020 Not sure if I'll stick to updating in here, but thought I'd make a quick post as I do have some questions about managing this low in the leagues. League Table - Tinkered with tactics all season long, finally found a tactic that is super solid defensively and creates loads of chances, but we just can't score. We relied totally on set-piece goals, own goals and scraping home 1-0 wins and somehow we managed to win the league that way. Shoutout to AFC Telford for an all-time great choke. Just have a look at the past positio
  2. Feels like FM is screwing you over with these youth intakes. Been so long since you had a super talented player come through. Atleast no one can suspect you of reloading to get better youth intakes haha
  3. Find myself constantly checking this thread for updates. Really, really great job, abulezz!
  4. I believe it's been discussed before in this thread, and obviously it's all up to abulezz, but I will say I hope he doesn't do it. If one of his former players become available on a free, I'd be OK with it, but as far as spending money on players (even those from the Kafra academy) I hope he sticks to not allowing himself to pay any transfer fees for players at all.
  5. Been lurking in here for a while, just feel I should comment about how cool this thread is to follow to atleast show some appreciation:applause:. Keep it up!
  6. Alright, so I'll admit to not having read every single post to see if this issue has come up yet, but since the update I haven't been able to go back and forth using the 2 buttons on the side of my mouse, like in a web browser. It may seem like a very small issue, but not having to move the mouse to the back button etc. and just clicking this little button on the side of my mouse was something that made going through player pages and what not a lot easier and faster. I'm not sure why this feature doesn't seem to exist on my game anymore, but I just really want it back! Spending a lot of time o
  7. I know this isn't a picture of some 16, 17 or even 18 year old wonderkid, but he still seems to be such a monster in front of goal. For instance, have a look at his international goals record, which since I took this picture has risen to 70 goals in 70 apps(!). Was wondering if anyone else have seen regens with such an impressive international record?
  8. Oh my days... 20 pace, 20 acc, 20 strength, 189 cm tall and just great stats overall. Would love him in my team that's for sure
  9. Think you've got your threads mixed up here, I suspect that post belongs in the Liverpool thread
  10. Looks absolutely stunning for a player who has just turned 15!
  11. None of your links seem to work for me. You don't have to come back here and have a go at FloydRix, he clearly proved that his signing was worth every penny. Please keep it friendly in here.
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