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  1. I started a save after holidaying the first year. I took over Juve after a poor season in which they finished 10th. After my first season with them, we finished 2nd behind Inter on goal difference and I won the Coppa Italia. In my second season I finished 3rd, won the Coppa Italia again and made the knockout stages of the Champions League. In my third season I finished 3rd, lost the Coppa Italia semi final and made the knockout stages of the Champions League. Now I know my biggest achievement is merely winning the Coppa Italia, but my managerial reputation is still low and there are still players I cannot attract for unknown reasons. My guess is that it's because of my low reputation (I started off as a 'sunday league footballer'). My gripe is that while I haven't achieved anything massive, I've certainly shown good quality and have raised the club back to a high level and have qualified for the Champions League every year. Surely I deserve more respect?
  2. least points dropped n a season

    so far I've dropped 7 points in my Juve save, but I will certainly drop more as I'm still only in November. But I'm pleased with that. I'm running the table at the moment. The league appears to be pretty weak this season.
  3. I know that, it's just that after I create all the schedules I want I end up with so many that I have to scroll to find them and I just wish I could remove the preset ones so that everything looks clean and is easily accessible.
  4. Is there a way to remove the preset training schedules? I like to create my own schedules and I want to remove the preset ones to keep everything cleaner and quicker to access when giving rest and whatnot.
  5. Fallen Giants

    Boavista was relegated in 05 or 06 due to bribing referees. They've since been unable to recover.
  6. FM12 Scouting Problem

    alright, fair enough, but that doesn't make any sense to me. He may know all there is to know about the players in France, but I don't.
  7. FM12 Scouting Problem

    The day after I assign him to give me a scouting report of the players in France, I get a message in my inbox saying, "Grimandi finishes France assignment" When I open the message I see, "Gilles Grimandi has now finished his scouting assignment in France. He managed to find 4 players to recommend. Grimandi spent a day on the assignment in total. Grimandi has filed reports on 4 players in total" Underneath that is a "reports" link, along with "set new assignment" and "restart" I click on reports and sure enough there's only 4 players.
  8. When I send my French scout to do a general search of France he comes back after 1 day with 3 or 4 players and that's it. Same goes for any other scout I send out. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. I prefer to have the boxed version over playing FM through steam. So is it possible to play the UK version here in the US? my cd drive is a: Asus drw-24b1st
  10. if youre consistently successful and consistently sell out your stadium you will eventually get a new one if you continue asking to expand...isn't that right?
  11. unrealistic transfer fees?

    You could be right, but I've noticed that if the player has yet to sign a "pre-contract" deal with his club, you can approach to sign him without dealing with the club, yet at the very bottom of the contract offer window, you'll see that there is a fee attached to the player. For the player I mentioned earlier, the deal was a fee of 1.6m potentially rising to 4m. So even if I do snatch him away from his home club, they're still going to get a potentially generous fee.
  12. From "my documents" you need to go to your "sports interactive" folder, go to the "Football Manager 2010" folder and then put them in the "editor data" folder. If you don't have the "editor data" folder, you may need to run the FM editor one time and it might be created after that. If that doesn't work, you could just manually create a folder entitled "editor data". after that, you need to start a new game and when the "choose database" window shows up, make sure you tick the empty "change" box. once it brings you to the "select editor data files" window, make sure you tick editor files that you want in your game before you click continue. for example: if you include the power regens file for Europe, you don't need to load the Belgian league in order for the tool to create regens from that country. Although I'm not completely sure, you may be able to increase both the quantity and quality of regens throughout the game world by going to the editor and setting the youth facilities of the clubs to 20. Specifically in this case, it should work for clubs in leagues that you don't have loaded in the game. Give it a try, however it does take a little while to go through and edit all the clubs training facilities that you want producing better talent in the game. I did it and it seems to have worked so far. I upgraded the training facilities of the top 2 or 3 clubs in each major footballing nation in the world and then went to the top leagues in Europe and upgraded the majority of the teams in each of those leagues.
  13. unrealistic transfer fees?

    Idk about unrealistic transfer fees, but just today I was playing and tried to sign a youth player from Bordeaux. Highly rated, a lot of potential according to my scouts who say he would be extremely interested in joining my team. I approached to sign him (still under a youth contract) and he declined, so I went to negotiate with him and it turns out he wants a professional deal although he can't sign one until he's 18 (he's 15 at the moment). He also wants his deal to be 46,000 euros a week. !?!?!?!?
  14. Delete every player

    I tried this once with Arsenal. I completely cleaned out the roster and what happened was the first team and youth team was filled with new regens (all poor quality). Now the problem with it all is that when it came down to Champions League registration, for some reason, even the youth regens didn't count as home-grown. So I had absolutely no home-grown players. However, I saw that and didn't even bother progressing. I don't know what would happen from there.
  15. 10.4 vs FM 2011

    I like this idea. I don't see a big enough change in a game from one year to the next, but for example, I bought FM08 loved it, couldn't get enough and when FM09 came out I tried the demo and just see anything glaring that caught my interest. So I waited until 2010 and it is quite a vast improvement between FM08 and now.