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  1. Just finished my first season with the January update. Won the league but lost to Lazio in the Europa League final. I thought we'd blown the league by losing at West Ham in the second to last match, putting us level with Liverpool but behind on GD. Then we beat Everton 3-0 while Liverpool lost 3-1 to Tottenham on the last day to give us the league. Mourinho got fired the same day too. Was disappointed that we played very poorly against Lazio but that ending to league made up for it. Just signed him for around 74M. It works better if you wait until after July 1 when he returns to
  2. I’ve also started a new game since the update. Going well so far, currently in 2nd, with Man City a point ahead in 1st and Liverpool also with 24pts from 10 matches but behind us on GD. Odegaard has been really good, wondering if there’s any way I can get him permanently other than his 133m release clause. Still struggling (as in my first game) to get Lacazette going, I was hoping to play Auba as IF on the left with Laca as AF-A, but neither player seems to score with that lineup. Think my priority going into the January window or the summer depending on the money I get is goi
  3. There seems to be a bug with ratings for defensive players. There's a thread about it in the bugs forum. Defenders only seem to get decent ratings if they contribute offensively, and affects more defensive minded midfielders also.
  4. Yeah, my preferred formation is 4-3-2-1, with a flat midfield three. The flexibility of the players I’ve got now allows for changing things up when needed. Partey or Camavinga can go to DM if trying to close out a tight game, or Szoboszlai or Gravenerch can go up to CAM if we’re trying to get a goal. Had a lot of success in FM20 with gegenpress but have found control possession to be more successful this year, though I’ll switch to a higher intensity pressing style if struggling to create chances. Tried to give most of the current team a chance, despite any current feelings I might h
  5. I’ve just finished 3 seasons with Arsenal. Season 1: Finished 4th, won Europa League. We started out very well, with 10 straight wins to open the season. However, Partey broke his leg, and the flaws with the current team really started to show once the fixture congestion got bad during the Europa knockout rounds. In FM20 I always got a nice chunk of money in the January window if we were over performing expectations, but got nothing this year and struggled to offload unwanted players. Positives: Aubameyang was excellent as always, Willock stepped up and played very well as Mez(A) aft
  6. Currently nearing the end of my second season with Arsenal. First season finished 2nd behind City, was back and forth for the lead most of the season but just couldn’t get it done in the end, lost to them at home with 10 games left and never caught up after that. However we won the Europa League, played vs Tottenham in the final. Lost early in the FA/league cups, just didn’t have the squad depth to stay competitive in all those competitions. Got extra money in November so brought in Ceballos permanently and got Ruben Dias to improve defensively. Also Ivan Martinez, Emiliano Martinez’s wag
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