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  1. Hi Steaton. Im half way through my first season using Napoli with this tactic and I am noticing a high number of Red Cards for my team. I had a sending off (straight red) for 3 consecutive games. 2 of those being central defenders committing professional fouls. Also another couple of times towards November/December. Is this anything to do with how the defense is set up tactically or am I just being unlucky? Its the first time ive managed in Italy so I dont know whether its the formations that they are using (seem to be against a flat 3-5-2 a lot) and exposing the tactic defensively or if im just unlucky. This is my first save with this new tactic but I have used your previous tactic, and Marcelo's tweaked version in England and Spain and never had such problems. The only problem I had with the last tactic was the high number of disallowed goals but again that might not necessarily be down to the tactic itself.
  2. Do you have these Aim_Less? With mediafire?
  3. Its a completely different formation. Not really a tweak. Its a 4-3-3. 3CM-1IFR(wide)-1STC-1IFL(wide). Inside Forwards pushed right up to the top of the pitch.
  4. I find the key is in the scouts wording of the potential ability of the player. Like a good/leading/star/world class Premiership player. Obviously the higher the praise the better the player and try to put some kind of PA figure on the player. Like 180-200 for world class, 160-180 for star, 140-160 for leading, 120-140 for good. If you have a scout you know you can trust and is fairly consistent with the reports then just looking for the wording should be enough.
  5. Them companies release new things every few months or years, which is fair enough. Its almost like there is a new tactic every single day and for me its like your spamming the forum with your tactics. Surely each tactic cant be that different from the next? If all your doing is tweaking something in an existing tactic you have made then put that tweak in the relevant thread instead of starting a whole new thread. How can you sufficiently test a new tactic enough in the space of a few days? Each tactic has screenshots of a league table about 20 games in with about 15 friendlies aswell. So your saying in those 2 days or so between every release, you have managed to play 30+ games and at a level of detail where you can properly study each tactic? I find that very hard to believe personally.
  6. Yes, Real did pay for Ronaldo up front. That was one of the reasons why we sold him. We demanded all the money straight away, not installments.
  7. If you had set up with normal wingers then fair enough. This example would be spot on. But you have set up with Inside Forward's. Which to me says they like to cut inside and then either pass/shoot. So once they cut inside they should then be on their preferred foot. So this would suggest playing a Left footer on the Right and a Right footer on the left to take advantage of them cutting inside. No point in them cutting in to then have to cut back to shift the ball to their natural side.
  8. It may be possible to add a file which contains real fixtures and results which will sim the correct games and scores but thats a hell of a lot of work to do even the Premiership let alone all of England and the major European countries you may want updating
  9. You can start in May 2014 if you make a file using the editor. I added Nepal and created their league with certain dates and if you select them at the start of you game you can start in Nepal in May 2014. My file allows me to start after all 38 Premiership games have been played, but I cant make real life tables and also you cant control who wins the playoffs so its still random. Plus any player who's contract is set to run out at the end of the 13/14 season seems to get a 1 year automatic extension from the game which is a bit annoying.
  10. I thought the game automatically set them to available once you offer them out for transfer/loan? I thought this was the default setting? Unless the OP had changed it beforehand?
  11. Yes. Ignore the star ratings. If your happy with how the game is running, does it really matter if it says 1.5 stars or 5 stars? I have 5 star computer performance but my game speed is always half a star because of my setup, but im happy with my game speed so its irrelevent.
  12. Am I talking to a brick wall here or something? Ive taken the time to post something I feel would help the update and three times ive asked for a reply on that but am getting ignored. People that dont understand why Norwich/Derby are in their leagues get a reply (even though I'd already done that coz its not exactly rocket science is it), but I try and contribute to your update and get ignored. Yeh brilliant that
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