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  1. Expanding on my previous post. I continued using the tactic and am currently half way through my second season. Season 1 I lead Leeds to promotion as champions from League 1, losing only twice, Q finals of the FA Cup losing to Liverpool, 5th Round LC lost to Chelsea, Won the JP Trophy. Season 2 Currently top after 21 games W18 D1 L2 Draw your own conclusions from that
  2. PL 10 W10 With Leeds Thumbs up! Yeah I know Leeds are by far the better team in L1 but the tactic works very well, I've kept 8 clean sheets so far. My one minor criticism is the balance of the match. My team blitz the opposition in the first half but 2nd half we rarely score, often playing worse than the first half.
  3. I am trying to convert this to the Xbox version Can someone please upload screenshots showing the formation, Team instructions and anything else that would help me, thanks.
  4. Well the game is called Football MANAGER, whilst its nice to have total control it does kind of leave the aim of the game being able to do a billion things such as input into Stadium expansion. But IDK, I would like to have input into things like affiliates, BUT that said, having feeder clubs of that class would make the game too easy. Perhaps once you reach a certain level in the game you can become a Chairman/Manager, Invest your own wages into the club. Because the current salary is useless, so why not make it accrue in your managerial bank account. This would make negotiations over a new manager contract/bonuses etc more interesting as the goal would be not just to win things but to earn as much cash as possible.
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