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  1. Isn't there a way of playing Android apps on the Playbook?
  2. After a little more research, I have managed to set this up using DropSync which is an unofficial Dropbox app. So now my save games are all synced up, I can play on my phone, save the game and then pick up my tablet and continue my game without even thinking about it! Fortunately the save files are under 5MB so the PRO version of the app is not required!
  3. Has anybody found a good app to sync the save game folder between multiple Android devices (i.e. phone and tablet)? I tried SugarSync which uploads fine, but you cannot specify where to download the data too
  4. Loan player wage contribution changing

    Unfortunately this bug is reoccurring despite rolling back to a previous save - so I am blocked from continuing my career! Is this likely to be fixed in the next update? Otherwise I will try FMHVibe's save editor to correct the error.
  5. Hi, Had a bug this morning where the wage contribution I am paying for my on-loan goalkeeper went from 20% to 100% over the January transfer window. I have subsequently reverted to a previous save game as this change put me way over my club wage budget (I am playing in the BSP and his full wages are over 3 times my maximum). If the issue reoccurs I will be sure to let you know and maybe upload the savegame if required.
  6. With any luck the app will have been updated to support the 1280x720 resolution of the One-X by then!
  7. Google Play works fine with my debit card! To pay for apps you just need to register a card with Google Wallet (previously known as Google Checkout). see the Play store FAQ here
  8. Nice! Good to see such a swift update cycle - good old Agile software development.
  9. Nice one Ceirdiff! Now I just need to find some good looking logos!
  10. Don't forget 1024x600 as seen on many 7" tablets (and a few cheap 10" ones) (of course this is also the resolution of the popular Kindle Fire but at the moment this still isn't available outside the US, not to mention the fact that the game hasn't made it to Amazon's app store yet)
  11. Sorry mate but you are wrong, the Nexus and Transformer do have different resolutions, the on-screen controls don't come into it.
  12. I'd love to be able to do this - I can't stand the lack of Premier League icons!
  13. The Play Store is currently reporting 1000-5000 downloads and the game is currently at #4 in Top New Paid Apps (only the new Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and Zynga game are higher)!
  14. Are you actively monitoring the resolutions of the devices running the app then? Or just relying on verbal feedback?
  15. Football Manager Handheld + Android

    Why not install it to the SD card?