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  1. I built the core of my team in FM11 out of two-footed players... I had a great ST and MC who were two-footed, and I have to say, I was disappointed in their decision making (yes, they had good mental attributes). If they were on a quick counter, I found they still used basically one foot. If they were dribbling on their right foot, they would pass it on their right foot, shoot with their right, etc. When I was yelling "Use your left" and hoping the player would do a nice reverse pass they wouldn't. If I see a player, who has a PA of 4 stars, and he is a natural at 3 positions, and two-footed, and I compare to another 4 star PA player, who is one position, and one-footed, I now strongly prefer the one-footed player. The versatility of the multi-positional player is of course useful, but not strictly necessary if you have decent squad size.
  2. I've had trouble recalling players from loan in this FM. Usually I am glad to have a team of around 23-26 players, with another 6 or 7 good enough to be backup or squad rotation, out on loan. I ALWAYS have the option to 'Recall from loan' checked when I loan them out, and recently have taken to loaning players out for free to ensure I can recall them. But still I don't see an option (95% of my loaned players) to recall them! Am I doing something wrong? Are AI managers taking that clause out at the last second without me knowing? I have stopped asking for monthly fees, and now, even salary contributions, but I still run into this problem. Any one else?
  3. .... That is shocking. Unless the assistant means specifically he is having trouble communicating with his English teammates! That is as bad as sending a group of players from your club to play for the national team, and they play like strangers, meanwhile, a big part of selection by international managers is selecting pairs of players who are familiar with each other! Look at Italy!
  4. I haven't had too much bad luck when it comes to injuries, but I have a creative trio (Adryan, Marcio, Abilio), and for THREE YEARS in a row, one of them got a major injury. The first time it was my AMC, Marcio, and he was out 2 months, as of April. Also known as, the worst time to get a 2 month injury to a key player. The summer that follows, Adryan does his ACL. Something like 8, 9 months out, didn't ruin him, but made him so much worse I had to cash in while he still had a reputation. The next year, on July 15th, first preseason game, my 24 year old, 20 first touch, 19 technique regen, Abilio, gets his leg broken. I undid that one with FMRTE, because it was just too much (a big goal for me that season was to establish Abilio as a starter, he had been groomed over the previous 6 seasons). The next season, on October 1st, my world class RB gets his leg broken in a game. I decided to 'pay my dues' for reversing Abilio's leg break, and just bit the bullet. Other than that, though, I haven't really had trouble with injuries. In preseason the focus for me is FRIENDLIES FRIENDLIES FRIENDLIES. Every 4 days, for most of the preseason. Then around Aug. 10 I will see how the schedule looks (I.E. is there a Super Cup match, season starts early, international break, etc.), and try to fit one 4 days or so before the season kicks off. It gets everyone fit, and I don't have to make too much adjustment to training schedules (if any).
  5. I won the CL last night! It was on the 2nd try... Which was a real shame as I had gone 4 seasons without a reload, but losing to my bitter rival Juventus in the final didn't sit right. Some people will disapprove, but I am playing for fun at the end of the day, and although I am a big fan of minimal team talks, in big games you need to pump your players up, and that was the biggest change I made. Lost the first attempt 2-1, won the 2nd attempt 3-0! If you're going to reload, at least beat the AI on aggregate! In my head I guess the 2024 CL Final was a two-legged affair!! Point is, you can't please everyone. Just have fun.
  6. Agree. I find anticipation, determination, and decisions are all crucial attributes, and while pace is still important, it isn't 'overpowered' like it was in previous versions of FM. Believe me, play against 10 men behind the ball and you won't think pace is all that. You will cry out for a 1.95m target man! And of course... player personality! Who doesn't like a resolute, big game player? Or a consistent, jovial player? To have a couple Model Professionals and Leaders in the squad helps too!
  7. Just played Barca in the Nou Camp, in 2024. Didn't give a pre-match team talk. We were losing 1-0 at half-time, their worst player scored from a set piece (a talented 18 year old LB) right place at the right time, and bundled it home. At half time I would normally rage at my players for losing, but this was a big European fixture, and we're in the g*ddamn Nou Camp! I told the players they could now go out and play without pressure. Turned it around, to win 2-1, which is a great result away, first leg of a CL fixture. You have to handle home and away matches slightly differently until your team reaches a high level, IMO. A midtable team needs to be a lot more cautious away from home, a bottom side, straight defensive. Try to play your more experienced, "cool heads", as opposed to giving youngsters a go, and take the pressure off every now and again, away from home. I've had 95+ points the last three seasons, so its definitely do-able.
  8. I have logged team talks for something like my last 3.75 seasons. Top of the league currently, and Champions last two years, once runners up on 95 points (lost on vicious tie break). Let me tell you what I found. Not having a pre OR post-match team talk has done wonders for my team. I went from 95 points in a 38 game season to 101, and 103 in the next two seasons. So it has avoided (or postponed) the inevitable loss that comes after a couple of good wins. I will sometimes skip the team talk but tell 3 or 4 players I have faith, no pressure, or the odd time, I expect a performance. My squad personality varies from Highly Determined to Highly Professional.
  9. The first step is admitting there might be a problem. OK, so the problem POSSIBLY lies with the match engine. Well, in that case, it is affecting the AI as much as you. For example, I almost never get players sent off, because I refuse to use hard tackling. Well, I just saw a player on my team pick up two yellow cards in 5 minutes, and I was down a man about 30 minutes in. Not a notorious hard tackler, not aggressive (7), playing in a midfield support role, pretty smart player up until this minute of his career, IMO. The next game ANOTHER player of mine picks up two yellows, my center back, who again, I'm not sure he's ever been sent off prior to this. Off at the 30 minute mark or so. You're right, its enough to make a manager lose his GD mind. But I didn't (almost). I just said, I'll have to play with 10. In the 2nd game, the opposition had a player sent off about 15 minutes after mine was. So it was 10 v 10. Both refs got good ratings after, too, indicating it was tremendous player stupidity in all cases. Unrealistic, sure. Infuriating, yep. Unfair?? No.
  10. Here's another tip, if your team is in good spirits, then in a lot of cases, a pre-match or post-match team talk is unnecessary. I used to always think picking the wrong team talk before a match was affecting my results, and I still do, but what has changed is now I think no team talk is THE CORRECT CHOICE for my squad, in a lot of circumstances. It doesn't make them as complacent afterwards, and it doesn't make them so nervous before hand. I tend to think of every team talk as being potentially a double-edged sword. Tell your team you expect a win, and they will probably come out firing, the first 30 minutes or so. But if the game is tied after 60 minutes, or the opposition score late? Forget it, the team will become nervous Nancy's. Similarly, take the pressure off, and the opposition will probably score first, but the team is likely to respond well, as they aren't under pressure, and are by and large, very determined.
  11. I like to go with DC (d) and DC (d) personally. And I like a CB to be over 1.90m, have good jumping, heading, positioning, acceleration (if possible), anticipation (must).
  12. I wouldn't want any player that has 6 for a key attribute, whether its pace, anticipation, decisions, determination. Determination and pace were, I think its fair to say, over-weighted in previous versions of FM, so a lot of what you are talking about stems from that era, IMO. I still rate determination over bravery, long throws or natural fitness , though A weakness in any one attribute will impact a team, whether it is the team's personality, age, determination, decision making, anticipation, work rate, etc. In a recent KEY match for me my captain and CB played a shocker, letting the opposition score within 2 minutes. He is also a key target on set pieces (for obvious reasons, being strong, and a good leaper/header). I made the substitution around the 60 minute mark, but didn't bring on the next best CB, I brought on a young promising 19 year old CB, who was also quite good in the air, but 19 determination. We score the equalizer! YES! Then what do you know, a few minutes later, from a corner, the young CB heads home! We won a match we only needed to draw! I call those 'determination goals'.
  13. If I had to choose between a player, all attributes being equal, who had 10 determination and 16 determination, I would take the one w/ 16 determination all day. Hence tutoring a player to raise his determination makes sense, IMO. How is that over emphasising it, or making it better than it is? Determination can only be raised randomly, by fining players, or by tutoring them, so it makes sense to increase it while it is possible, and then afterwards to focus on a player's all-round mental development.
  14. For me, high determination is a key attribute for a player. It affects the way a player plays, and it impacts their personality, and it affects how well a player fits into my squad (which is mainly players above 16 determination). My criteria to decide if a player will reach his potential or not is to look at professionalism, ambition, and determination. Now, you won't know all three. You will at best know 2 out of 3. So if I know a player is professional, and determined, I will consider having a determined, ambitious tutor look after them. That way the determination stays intact, and I know the tutor can increase one of the hidden attributes (Professionalism, Ambition). As far as I know, match ratings affect development, and determination affects match ratings, so I wouldn't go as far as to say its 'key' or crucial, but it is surely a very important attribute.
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