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  1. That's just marketing blurb for "we really don't think our improvements in this area are worth talking about". Very sad.
  2. I'd simply like this part of the transfer system work in a non-nonsensical way. The core of the problem (at least from my perspective) is the horribly exact correlation of PA and PPA in young age and the fact that the AI seems to care about not much else but PPA when evaluating a player. The current top goal scorer, 18 goals in the league so far - ya, buy him 10-12m. Some unproven youth - no wai, only from our cold dead hands. It's the same of course for scout recommendations. Take 20/20 scouts, lots of them. Have them evaluate a 14yr old 4.5 silver stars CA, 4.5-5 stars PPA; "definite purchase" , "sign whatever the cost". Will rated higher than any other player with the only exception of Ronaldo, Messi and one or two dozen others. And if you say this is in any way realistic then we'll just have to agree to disagree. What I'd personally like to see would be: - make PPA either invisible, remove it or decouple it from PA and base it on actually games played, avg rating etc, trophies won, national caps, whatever etc. - if you want to limit the amount you can spend on a player have the board of the buying club (your bosses) block it - and make the rules transparent
  3. Another question for the "it just means NOT FOR SALE, what's so hard to understand" crowd: let's just assume the silly bids for teen talents truly and honestly mean nothing but "not for sale" - how does it make any sense then that virtually all of these teen talents are not for sale, but buying any of the first teamers for something between 2-4x of their current "value" never seems to be a problem. Is it like "Nah, you can't have our 15yr olds, but hey, take the top goal scorer and our first keeper if you want to and maybe we could interest you in our captain, too"
  4. Understood. It seemed to be perfectly fine to be smug and condescending towards me and I was just trying to fit in.
  5. Hihihi ... you're absolute comedy gold, friend. But just to keep focus, which point would you like to argue 1/ that of 100 clubs getting 20m offers for teenagers 100 clubs rejecting is a great simulation of how stuff works in real life or 2/ the game allowing players to make ridiculous high bids for teenagers with silly results is fantastic game design that cannot be improved If you don't want to argue either point than it would be fair to concede that I am correct and you are wrong.
  6. @Cougar No need to shout. Why don't you just say "You're absolutely correct, sriracha, that aspect of the game is horribly implemented and doesn't make any sense at all." Would be so much easier.
  7. You actually believe that, huh? That if one hundred clubs got offered 20m for a teenager _all_ of them would say "nope, thanks". And Cougar2010 wouldn't even raise a brow, just mumble with infinite insight .. "hrmmm, exactly what I expected" Ever thought about doing stand-up comedy?
  8. Well, I gotta admit that I would expect them to sell a teen who's never played a competitive match for less than 5x what they want for their first division top scorer. But that's again just me of course. You won't have to wait long for people explaining why this is exactly how it works IRL.
  9. Toats McGoats. But it's still not (yet) as funny as the one in which it was being argued that having hundreds of 14-16yr olds that clubs won't sell for 20m+ because of their *cough* PA is ultra realistic. Oh sweet, sweet PA and the consequences, lol.
  10. Many apologies, but flat out wrong. After editing his salary down to 50k/week he signed for ManCity for 200k/week. So it has exactly zilch to do with "CA/rep/whatever" === Anyhoo, the fun here was enough. And always remember laddies, when FM collides with reality, it must be reality that is wrong.
  11. Brilliant cop out - when the result is nonsensical, assume something really smart happened behind the scenes. Anyhow, just for fun I started a new game, chose Real, edited Ronaldo's salary down to 100k euro/week and offered him out for 0. Not a single club is interested. So what is it this time - no club has enough reputation for R.? They all know it's a trap? They tried to negotiate salary before they are officially allowed to and failed? Keep them good reasons coming ... I mean, it's not as whether the transfer system is broken is an open question.
  12. So you are honestly trying to tell me that if the arguably best player in the world was available transfer free, not a single oil-or-gas backed club would even show interest?
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