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  1. I don't post here much but I have been playing since 2007. Just went through my first season in FM 2014 and came across two issues that doesn't quite make sense to me. First issue: Maxed out wage budget, cannot renew contracts to a lower amount. So I got an aging player making 75K/week (pound), my wage budget is slightly negative, so I wanted to renegotiate to reduce the wage. The player is asking for 27k/week to renew (which I assume replaces the existing contract because when I eventually managed to do this, my wage budget went back to positive), I was unable to do it even that it would free up wage budget. I just don't understand why the wage budget would limit my ability to RENEW a player whose salary is already part of that wage budget, especially at a much lower amount. I am not adding new wage but yet the game is treating it as if I am signing a new player to a new contract. Second issue: Signing someone on free contract requires transfer budget? I maxed out both wage and transfer budget and had nothing left in the bank. Come Jan 1, I have been eying this youngster who is available on free transfer next summer. I offer him a pre-contract that goes through end of season, he agrees, all is good until they game as me for transfer money to complete the deal. Why do I need transfer money to sign someone to a PRE-CONTRACT? That makes no sense to me. I am essentially signing someone on a free, and when you sign someone on a free, there's no transfer fee/budget used. Please tell me if I am missing something because I cannot even figure out how the fee came about. It says I need to pay like 20k when the agent fee is 11k or so and his wage was 675/week. Am I missing something or is something wrong with it?
  2. I am having problem with it as well. It crashes every time I try to play a match. I played the demo with no issues. =\ I am running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Q9300 2.50ghz 4gb of DDR2 Crossfire 4850HD x 2 Already tried the stuff above, going to try uninstalling and reinstalling
  3. That's one thing I was hoping will be added to the game. Some way to spend your money because there is not incentive to take a higher salary right now since it hurts your club's finances.
  4. I use Sahko, he just scored 7 goals in one game. All from corners, ridiculous! It was against a weak team but still.
  5. Woow.... Keeper sent off

    Na, it was around in 06 and 07 also. Happened to me a few times before (all on breakaways, either outside or inside box).
  6. There's no editor in the digital download. Any way I can get that separately?