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  1. Yeah fair enough. I know how many games that you can play in a season. I just think it would be interesting to draw with lower teams to force a replay. Or to stuff up some results of some rivals on the table if necessary. I'll play around with tactics and just pray that I don't score I guess, and then hopefully smash in the replay . Would be a cool option if you could tell your team to "go for the draw"!
  2. So what if I am a top tier club, playing a minnow in the FA Cup... Expecting to win at least 8-0. How may I enforce to the team that I wan't a 0-0 draw, so we may play a replay at my ground the next week? Is it possible, to just stack all your players at one end and give them instructions to not score at all costs? Weird request I know, but I want to see how many matches I can have in a season.
  3. Thanks a huge amount for this. When I finally get Football Manager 2011 I'll be definitely using this update. What better a challenge than taking on a team in this league and trying to get the San Marinese league to be one of the best in the world? Keep up the good work BurnCm4X
  4. can I copy made up players ?

    I would also like to know this. Is there any way in the editor to copy players so you have a duplicate, but then you just change the name?
  5. Hi Super Bladesman. I am obviously not able to read through 1100 posts but the website link I am providing has the average attendances of non-league teams down to level 8 in the pyramind. If you haven't already got them implemented. Keep up the good work, you won't understand how much I appreciate your efforts. http://www.thelinnets.co.uk/turnstile.php?s=2008
  6. Tier 8 of English football in FM10?

    Wow. Sheffield FC is the exact reason why I want Football Manager to go down to the 8th teir... Glad we share something in common!
  7. Then we have the likes of Sheffield FC 4 leauges Bellow the BSP. They have hosted FERENCVÁROS (most successful Hungarian Side), Sheffield United, and Hutnik Krakow of Poland. In recent years they have played friendlies against teams like Barnsley, Sheffield Wednesday, Chesterfield, Rangers, Blackburn, Doncaster, Inter Milan, Ajax and Manchester United. It should be possible for smaller teams to get big name clubs. But I guess there would need to be a prior relationship to work...
  8. OP Low league friendlies

    That's very true. Take a look at Sheffield FC for an example. Playing in the Northern Premier League Division 1 South they have played teams in preseason friendlies in the last few years including: League Clubs: Barnsley, Rotherham, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Blackburn Rovers, Hartlepool, Manchester United. Conference Clubs: Tamworth, York City, International Clubs: NEWI Cefn Druids, Chengdu Blades, Rangers FC, Inter Milan, AJAX. Now as this is real life, I don't think it's cheating . So no, I believe if they agree to tournaments then you aren't cheating at all.
  9. I would love this addition. Seeing how many away fans teams bring in the Conference North/South... Would be a great addition!!
  10. Who do you support?

    Sheffield FC are my English team, LOVE THEM! Melbourne Victory my Australian home team. and Miami FC for some unknown reason...
  11. Lower Leagues

    And this is one of the reasons that I am looking into buying Championship Manager 2009 this year. It's one thing that CM will have over FM, and I think FM should follow suit. *Hint hint*.
  12. I have done this in personal games, but if I go into the Dafuge's Challenge with them I wouldn't be accepted because I'm a "cheating database editor" haha. I really want to do Dafuge's challenge with Sheffield FC!
  13. That would be fantastic for personal reasons. I have been dying to play as Sheffield FC for many years now, and if the Northern Premier League is added, then Sheffield FC can be promoted into the game ala Dafuge's challenge!! That would be the best! I have chosen to have a look at Championship Manager 09 this year just because of the added leagues in the English system. I don't know if they have promotion/relegation from these leagues though, I hope so. Playing as Sheffield FC would just be the most awesome FM experience in history.
  14. Championship Manager 2009 is bringing in the Northern, Southern and the Isthmian league coming out in April. If they have the current FM 2009 model where relegated teams get replaced by teams a division lower, then I will finally be able to play as Sheffield FC without tampering with the database! I wonder if FM 2010 will follow suit adding the 7th teir of the English system next year?
  15. Good point, I think they are hardcoded in, as the only way to get rid of Vauxhall from the competition is to delete the team altogether. Oh well I will just holiday a year, and then put my team in, a la the Dafuges Challenge. Thanks for all the help.